22 Qadam Finale Leaves Fans Divided: A Closer Look at the Last Episode

22 Qadam Finale Leaves Fans Divided: A Closer Look at the Last Episode

Green Entertainment’s popular drama serial, “22 Qadam,” has concluded with its final episode, stirring a myriad of reactions from its dedicated fan base. Boasting a star-studded cast that included the enchanting Hareem Farooq and the talented Wahaj Ali, along with Saleem Mairaj and Kinza Razzak, the series has garnered attention throughout its run. However, the finale has left viewers with mixed feelings, sparking discussions about the conclusion and execution of the last episode.

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22 Qadam Last Episode

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Fan Discontent:

As the curtains closed on “22 Qadam,” a significant portion of the audience expressed dissatisfaction with the ending. Numerous fans felt that certain aspects of the storyline were left unexplored, and criticisms were particularly directed at the handling of the final episode’s execution. One common sentiment among viewers was the absence of proper closure for Junaid’s character, portrayed by Wahaj Ali. Disappointed fans lamented the limited screen time given to Junaid, with some expressing the desire to witness the unfolding of his love story with Fari.

Unfulfilled Expectations:

Fans were vocal about their desire to witness pivotal moments in the narrative, such as Fari and Junaid’s wedding scene. A prevailing sentiment on social media was the need for additional episodes or even a new season solely focused on Wahaj Ali’s character, Junaid, as they yearn to see his journey as a successful cricketer. The absence of a conclusive arc for Junaid left many fans wanting more, and some even voiced their frustration at the decision not to provide adequate closure for the character that drew them to the drama.

Hareem Farooq’s Stellar Performance:

Despite the mixed reactions towards the conclusion, many fans took a moment to appreciate Hareem Farooq’s outstanding performance in the final episode. Praises were particularly directed at a brilliant winning scene that showcased her acting prowess. The appreciation for Farooq’s portrayal served as a testament to the cast’s overall contribution to the success of “22 Qadam.”

As the last episode of “22 Qadam” continues to spark discussions and debates among its fan base, it is evident that the drama has left a lasting impact. While some viewers lauded the performances and the portrayal of certain scenes, others expressed their discontent with the overall conclusion. The fervent demand for additional content, especially centered around Wahaj Ali’s character, highlights the emotional investment and attachment fans have developed with “22 Qadam.”

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