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Ten Reasons Why a Traveller Should Visit Northern Areas of Pakistan Once in a Lifetime

When it comes to tourism in Pakistan, the first thought that people usually have is about the Northern Areas of the country. Although the official name of the area is Gilgit Baltistan, many people still know it by its former name i.e. Northern Areas. The region of Gilgit-Baltistan is regarded as a visitor’s paradise. This is because of the sheer beauty that the Northern Areas of Pakistan possesses, enchants the travelers with their various picturesque sights.

The variation in terms of the natural beauty is something that is unique these areas. Be it the three mighty mountain ranges or the rich green meadows, the massive pieces of ice in the form of glaciers or the turbulent rivers, the Northern Areas have got it all. This is why people believe that a visit to these spectacular areas is a must.

Jovago Pakistan  has compiled a list of 10 reasons in order to convince travelers as to why they should visit the Northern Areas of Pakistan once in their life.

1.Siri Paye
Not only the funny name of the place enables people to easily remember it but Siri Paye itself entrances passersby with its sheer beauty. Located on the top of the mighty Hindu Kush Range, the green plateau enthralls visitors with the exquisite amalgamation of fresh water ponds and wild yellow flowers.

2. Ghizer River
The Ghizer River, which is small in width yet long in length, is a tributary of the mighty river Indus. The river is also known as Gilgit river and attracts a large number of tourists towards itself due to its scenic beauty.

3. Dudipatsar Lake
Named after the color of snow that covers the encompassing peaks, Dudipatsar lake is situated in the Lulusar Dudipatsar national park. The greenish blue water of the lake is extremely cold because of the high altitude.

4. Shandur Lake
Home to the famous Shandur polo ground, which is the highest polo ground in the world, the Shandur Lake is situated on the pass that connects Chitral and Gilgit.

5. Manthoka Waterfalls
Situated near the Madhupur area in the Skardu district, the Manthoka waterfall has a height of 180 feet. The place is an Ideal spot for camping and fishing.

6. Khanspur
A detachment of British Infantry in the old days, Khanspur is a resort town in the Hazara region. This tourist spot is an enthralling example of the natural beauty of the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

7. Anakar Valley
Situated at an hour’s drive from Kalam, the valley is relatively unknown to the world. Because of the rugged landscape, the valley can be accessed through jeep only.

8. Babusar Top
Accessible through the Babusar pass, the Babusar Top links the Chilas and other places. As the tourist spot is situated at a high altitude, the view that it offers to its visitors are simply alluring.

9. Thandiani
As the name denotes, the place is a perfect spot in the summer season because of its low temperatures. Thandiani offers a spectacular view to tourists with its deep forests and a variety of fauna and flora.

10. Naltar valley
Considered to be an artist’s creation with strokes of various colors, Naltar Valley is a must visit when on a trip to the Gilgit-Baltistan region.The valley is renowned for ist tasty potatoes and colorful lakes.

If you have any other reason as to why people should visit the spectacular Northern Areas of Pakistan, then do share it with us in the comments section below.

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