Delve into the enigmatic world of Zer: A captivating collection by House of Parishae

Delve into the enigmatic world of “Zer: Beneath the Surface,” a captivating collection that delves into the intricate tapestry of human emotions and experiences. This bespoke, upcycled collection takes you on a journey through the cyclical and inevitable aspects of life, from plagues and wars to sensuality and money. Unveil the stories we discuss openly and those we keep hidden, all while delving into the depths of the human psyche.

The Harbinger of Unspoken Realities:

The narrative begins with a fortune teller, the harbinger of what lies beneath the surface. As the story unfolds, it traces the human journey from strength to breakdown and back again. The collection vividly illustrates the recurring patterns in our lives, both the spoken and unspoken, and the dissonance that lingers in our minds.

Confronting Unremitting Victimhood:

“Zer” is a reflection on dealing with the lingering effects of continuous victimhood that infiltrate our daily lives. It delves into the realm of nostalgia, our yearning to revisit the past, and the profound inability to escape these thoughts. It encapsulates the human quest for recognition and understanding in the face of trauma.

Navigating Moments of Dissonance:

The collection illuminates those overwhelming moments when we find ourselves trapped in situations that lack immediate gratification or foreseeable resolution. It explores the irrational fears and anxieties that invade our thoughts, giving rise to a sense of panic. In these moments of dissonance, the collection seeks to shed light on the human experience.

Upcycled Elegance: “Zer” Under the Surface:

“Zer” stands for “under the surface,” and this collection lives up to its name. Each piece is bespoke and upcycled, created from vintage materials. The garments are a fusion of various types of clothing, repurposed, redesigned, re-stitched, and embellished. They carry the regal grandeur and timeless charm of their previous incarnations while showcasing contemporary silhouettes.

A Haunting Soundscape:

The soundscape for this collection was meticulously designed to evoke specific emotions. Mustafa Shiekh (Mufay), a close friend of the designer, contributed to this eerie soundscape, drawing inspiration from classic horror movie scores. These unsettling sounds remind us that we cannot always escape the harsh realities of life.

Gothic Architecture and Alchemical Colors:

The collection’s silhouettes draw inspiration from gothic architecture, reflecting a bygone era with a focus on the human form, perspective, and lighting. The pointed arch, a defining feature of this architectural style, is reflected in textured, embossed embroideries and certain silhouettes. The fall-winter color palette embraces the four stages of alchemy: black, white, golds, and reds.

“Zer: Beneath the Surface” is more than just a fashion collection; it’s an exploration of the human experience, a journey through the unspoken and spoken realities that shape our lives. With upcycled elegance, haunting sounds, and a touch of gothic inspiration, this collection invites you to embrace the intricate layers of existence and confront the dissonance that lies beneath the surface.

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