“Redefining Beauty” ZEENAT AMAN By MINA SIDDIQUE to showcase at Shaan-E-Pakistan

“Redefining Beauty” ZEENAT AMAN By MINA SIDDIQUE is all set to showcase at Shaan-E-Pakistan
On Monday, 21st to Tuesday, 22nd March, 2016 At Royal Palm Golf and Country Club Lahore, Pakistan
11am – 7pm.

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“Redefining Beauty” ZEENAT AMAN By MINA SIDDIQUE to showcase at Shaan-E-Pakistan

REDEFINING BEAUTY – Zeenat Aman by Mina Siddique

Deeply involved in the Arts since childhood, Mina Siddique is
thrilled to have chosen the acclaimed Indian actress, Zeenat Aman, a
leading star, as her muse for the summer collection…a celebration of
the independent, contemporary modern woman and brand
ambassador. The strong personality, natural beauty and indisputable
charisma of Zeenat Aman makes her the perfect match for the unique,
modern and fusion artistic designer, Mina Siddique’s collection –
REDEFINING BEAUTY. Mina considers Zeenat Aman as a true woman of
substance, a lady who has been through the huge circle of life and
who’s life experience is beyond words.
The collection captures the significant looks of Zeenat Aman,
intricately sketched by Mina Siddique, from her famous films and
have been fused with the art and colors of Mina’s palette. It promises
to be a beautiful collection targeted at women aged 20yrs and above.


Artistic extraordinaire Mina Siddique translates her art onto a vast
selection of mediums with definitive emotion.
A graduate of the Indus Valley School of Art in Karachi, Mina
Siddique has bought a new meaning to modern, contemporary art. In
fact sometimes her artistic expression borders on traditional tones,
making the final product all the more beautiful with a play of
paradoxes! She is truly unique as an artist and designer, since she
places no limits on the variety of mediums she uses for her expression
and is equally daring when it comes to exploring and experimenting
with new horizons for themes and ideas.
Mina has recently taken her passion for art towards interior design,
and in a very short time taken Dubai by storm. Avant-garde lamps with
strong statement themes, cushions in leather and silks with a medley
of bright color tones and structured profiles is so incredibly
She has also launched a hugely successful silk scarves line, and one
of a kind gorgeous capes that has sold out in record time. She is now
launching her ready to wear collection, as well as a line of designer
handbags made to the highest quality with hand worked detail with
the focus on her original design prints.

Zeenat Aman, an Indian actress, model and beauty queen best known
for her work in Hindi films during the 1970s and 80’s. She was the
first south Asian to win the Miss Asia Pacific 1970 title. Upon making
her debut in Bollywood, Zeenat Aman, was credited with making a
lasting impact on the image of its leading actresses by introducing
the modern look to Hindi cinema. She has appeared on every Hindi
film magazine’s cover during the 1970s.

Zeenat Aman’s persona was a contrast to many of the more
conservative stars of the era. At a time when heroines were obedient
wives and lovers on the screens of Hindi Cinema, Aman was drawn to
more unconventional roles—and she was the only actress who took
over the challenging roles with such ease and panache. Zeenat Aman
had a definite impact on the characterization of the heroine in
Hindi films. With films such as Hare Rama Hare Krishna and Yaadon Ki
Baraat, she fashioned the image of the youthful and westernized
woman in Hindi cinema.

Zeenat Aman recently received the Lifetime Achievement award at one
of India’s leading award ceremonies.

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