Why Are Pakistani Drama Makers Obsessed with “Buri Aurtein”?

Pakistani media and drama industry has improved leap and bounds and we saw some amazing dramas come our way. Recent major hit being Meray Paas Tum Ho. With all these dramas getting so popular and garnering so much love, there is one question that has started bothering me. The trend of adding a “buri aurat” in the lead. Recently also, an on-air show is getting much attention and that is Iqra Aziz’s Jhooti and guess who is the lead? “A Buri Aurat”.AGAIN. To read more about it keep scrolling.

What do I Mean By Buri Aurat?

By this term, I mean a woman, who is often portrayed as materialistic and spineless. She is the evilest of evils and she does everything for herself. She has no values or principles and the only language she understands is that of money. 

Now, why is this trend demeaning and bad for the generations to come?

In our society which already is partial to men and women are thought as unequal and inferior, is it fair to portray such an image of women? Media holds a lot of power in today’s time. Younger generations give a lot of time to it and such a message only devalues women. The media should talk about women’s rights and fight to break the glass ceiling instead of portraying women as the villains and men as the virtuous ones. 

There is no doubt about it that you find many women that do not have the same high morals as others but the same is the case with men. Not everyone is an upstanding citizen of Pakistan not because of their gender but because we are humans. There are bound to be women who are not good human beings but I don’t think bringing that to limelight will do any good to anyone.

What are your thoughts on this issue?


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