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Upcoming Pakistani Film Cake Official Trailer Now Out


After a few months of exciting promotions and activities, the trailer of Cake the Film was launched at Nueplex Cinemas in Karachi, revealing just the right bits to get you hooked onto the family drama and leave you wanting more. The visually appealing Cake posters and creatively designed social media posts of characters have already garnered great attention, and with the release of the highly captivating trailer, many are counting the days till the movie comes out on 30th March 2018.

Here is the official trailer:-

Directed by the perfectionist debut directorAsimAbbasi, Cake is an in-depth exploration of the natural, universal tensions between grown-up siblings and elderly parents. Having studied film at the London Film Academy and the School of African and Oriental Studies, Abbasihas shot short films abroad and is known for his works like Little Red Roses. Since Cake is Asim’s first feature-length project in Pakistan,it would be interesting to see what it has to offer to Pakistanis. Although the director himself was not present at the event, he previously explained, “It initially took me some time to adjust to the way things work in Pakistan. I aim to bring innovation to Pakistani cinema, which is why Cake varies from a typical dance around trees film as it revolves around family drama. I hope that Cake works at the box office so that more people have confidence to make different kinds of films.”

The Executive producer of the film, Zulfikar Bukhari is a versatile man who formed ZAB Films as a vehicle for producing quality independent films; Cake is the first co-production under this banner that would hopefully turn out to be a treat for the audience.

The trailer launch of the film was a star-studded affair that started with the Aamina Sheikh, Sanam Saeed, Adnan Malik, Mohammad Ahmed and other cast members walking the red carpet. They were followed by more celebrities and key media influencers entering the cinema to view the trailer of the much anticipated film. Amongstthe attendees were Nadia Hussain, FaizanHaque, Zara Tareen, Saqib Malik and Yasir Hussain.

The trailer allowed greater insight to the film, revealing that it is completely based around the trials and travails of the Jamali family, each member of which seems to have an emotionally charged relationship with each other. The film also seems to display the true sibling bond between Aamina Sheikh [Zareen] and Sanam Saeed [Zara], who seem to be fighting one minute and getting along the next. The film also includes a few laugh inducing moments as the story is peppered with dramatic family moments.

Besides hinting upon key movie themes ofambivalent family relationships, the trailer indicated that Saeed and Sheikh, who play siblings in the film, reunite because of the illness of their father where family secrets are revealed and the drama unravels. The highly relatable story and the films’ art direction, subtle mood boards and intense family feuds can be seen throughout the trailer and, was enough to get the audience totally engrossed in the developments of the Jamali family.

This was followed by a short Q&A session, where media personnel asked cast members about their overall experience working on Cake and what excited them most about it, to whichSanam Saeed answered, “Cake is a game changer for me personally. It’s going to be tough picking up another script after this beautifully structured, emotionally charged and humorous script. Cake helped me prepare for grievances and remindedme of the importance of family. The process challenged me as an actor and has helped me grow. The laughter and tears in Cake are from the heart!”

According to Adnan Malik,”When something is made with pure intentions and true love, the love shines through to the end of the product, whether it’s a cake or a film (or in this case both in one!) Get ready for an emotional journey!”

Aamina Sheikh’s enthusiasm was also highlighted through her words, “Can’t wait to serve the whole Cake to our audience on the 30th of March, I’m certain it’ll ring true to home and bring authenticity to our Pakistani audience. Cake is definitely a stepping stone towards forming an identity of Pakistani cinema.”

March 30th2018 is the date of the nationwide release and the first date first show when we get to the full slice of this tempting cinematic experience.

Here is what the stellar cast has to say about CAKE:-


Sometimes you need to see your family through a stranger’s eyes… #Therapy #TherapySession #TeamZareen #SiblingRivalry #Sisterhood #CakeTheFilm #30March #Easter2018 #aaminasheikh #indiefilm #pakistanicinema #comingsoon #behindthescenes #actorslife

Posted by CAKE The Film on Saturday, February 10, 2018


Sometimes you need to see your family through a stranger’s eyes… #Therapy #TherapySession #TeamZara #SiblingRivalry #Sisterhood #CakeTheFilm #30March #Easter2018 #sanamsaeed

Posted by CAKE The Film on Saturday, February 10, 2018


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