King Charles III

Thousands of people turn to central London to cheer King Charles III as UK coronation party begins

Thousands of people turned central London red, white and blue on Saturday, with a sea of Union Jack flags lining the streets for the coronation of King Charles III.

While the coronation service was itself a sombre and sober affair, a celebratory atmosphere filled the British capital and beyond, despite wet weather.

Crowds across the capital cheered in unison as the crown was placed on King Charles III’s head at 12.02 pm (11:02 GMT).

On The Mall outside Buckingham Palace, the most fervent royal fanatics got the party started hours before the ceremony began, with some camping out for days to secure a prime spot for the historic event.

As the royal procession passed on the way to Westminster Abbey, a forest of arms rose as people captured images of the king with their mobile phones.

Street vendors joined the hardcore supporters in the clamour to see the monarch’s golden coach, with one man bellowing out “God Save the King”.

“We’ve been here since five (am)”, said proud fan Alison Marschall, as she showed off her video of the procession.

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