TUNE TV (www.Tune.tv)is at the forefront of revolutionizing and legitimizing the online TV market as Pakistan’s only legally licensed online video portal, providing myriad advantages to the online viewers, advertisers and to content providers (TV channels) alike; a veritable triple treat. They hope to realize this objective by providing premium video content to viewers when, where and how they demand it and by creating a service that viewers, content owners and advertisers will appreciate correspondingly.

Tune TV was launched on August 14, 2014 and within weeks of its soft launch rose significantly on internet rankings.


The easy-to-remember Tune TV domain taps into the ongoing growing trend of online digital advertising and a rising shift of watching TV content over the Internet. Between 1992 and 2014 there were only 3.3 million Internet users in the country. With the introduction of 3G and 4G in Pakistan in 2014, the number of users has risen exponentially to over 14 million in just one year.  According to some estimates, the global TV content ads spent on the web will soon overtakethe TV ad business on cable and satellite.

The service technology allows pre, mid and post roll video ads to be served seamlessly and efficiently with no “suffering with buffering, thanks to the web portal being based on the tailor-made light-weight state-of-the-art HTML5 video-player developed in-house by the tune.tv team. There is also the advantageous option to choose resolution& quality for improved stellar viewing


Tune.TV posits itself as Pakistan’s first and only Video on Demand streaming service that is “legal, premium and free to its viewers.” The service hosts high quality entertainment content from Pakistan’s leading TV channels under legal licenses.

Tune TV is Pakistan’s only Non User General Content (NUGC) video portal with all uploaded genuine content being provided directly by theTV channels.

At present Tune TV offers direct genuine content from GEO Entertainment; GEO Kahani; HUM TV; HUM Sitaray HUM Masala; Express Entertainment; Ten Sports Pakistan; Toffee TV; K2 TV and Khyber TV


Tune.Tv viewers enjoy their favorite content in High Definition quality and the technology allows the viewers to adjust the streaming quality based on the user’s connection. 75% of Tune TV’s traffic is from Pakistan.

Television shows and drama episodes are consolidated in one single file as opposed to numerous time-consuming buffering files, with fresh TV content appearing online usually 15 minutes after its actual TV airing.

Tune TVoffers viewers the option of binge-viewing and flexibility and availability on multiple mediums. The Tune TV mobile app is already available for downloads on the Android Playstore and will soon be available on the iOS App store too.

The well-designed Tune TV directory is comprehensive and has distinct headings including:

Dramas;Sports(including Live Streaming of Sports); Cooking; Music;Films (Tele-films); Fashion (including Fashion Weeks’ coverage);Kids and Original Sound Tracks from the television serials

TV programs and dramas are listed alphabetically for easy searching and synopses and cast listings are added to the drama serialentries.

There are neither annoying pop-ups; nor tricky malwares orvirus threats


Strategicquality advertising is the impetus behind Tune TV’s ad placement. Tune TV provides many type of ads that are demographic and geographic-specific so as to benefit both viewers and advertisers in terms of relevancy which in the long runwill ensure betterROI for the advertisers.

Ads of major local advertisers are already placed neatly and cohesively as they are seen on TV so as not to disturb the narrative of the plays and compromise viewer experience. Tune TV has a very limited number of display ad boxes and minimal in-stream video advertising.  .

Allowing viewers to share the link directly from the player increases the possibility of content going viral. Links connected to products’Social Mediapages and webpages help togauge trends and garner feedback for advertisers.

Tune TV aims to be Pakistan’s most effective online video advertising service.


When advertisers pay Tune TV a fee for ad placement, the video portalsends value back to the content providers by offering a percentage and sharing revenuewith the channels.

Tune TV has initiated a campaign to approach various online portals and ask them to use the original licensed content hosted via Tune TVweb player so that ads seen on thetheseportals generate revenue for Tune TV which canbe given back in part to channels and help the TV industry foster growth in the long run.

The expert team at Tune TValso offers a platform for creatives such as fashion designers and make-up artists etc. to create online video content such assimple fashion advertorials or make-up tutorials for possiblesponsorships and publicity. The L’Oreal Channel on Tune TV is an example of this endeavor.

AlsoTune TVis an ideal platform to test content and garner viewer feedback and a conceivable springboard for content and concepts to be developed for TV.

Says Khawar Shamsul Hassan CEO of Leap Media:

I have always believed that Pakistan has great media content treasure that needs to be discovered by the world at large. The quality of writing, acting, delivery, production and direction are world class. However, at times under the bombardment of low quality content around us, we tend to forget. Tune.TV is an attempt to bring that great Pakistani content to the fore front again. To provide a stage where the world can witness the great performances of our artists and to allow Pakistanis to rejoice in their talent and class.

It has been a great first year and we look forward to the next with the same anticipation as climbing into a great roller coaster. All aboard Tune TV. The ride is starting.


Osman Nasir, Chief Strategy Officer:

We all grew up in awe of the Pakistani Television, and that has become the reason for us to launch tune.tv as an online platform for our TV and film industry to bring the much celebrated Pakistani content to the international viewership.

Tune.tv is a tailor-made online video publishing platform dedicated to our media industry, where their content won’t be lost in the clutter of user generated videos, and they do not have to be ransomed anymore by the international broadcasters. As internet usage continues to grow rapidly across Pakistan, tune.tv is already established to cater to the online viewership.

Tune.tv is the sole online video content aggregator in Pakistan which has established legal partnerships with all the major TV channels of the country, and it works on the principle of sharing revenues with content owners and producers. As the viewership continues to grow, we wish to soon share revenues with our partners.

Till now, the rampant online piracy has denied this additional revenue stream to our TV channels. Tune.tv has been established to invite all its partner TV channels and content producers to become an active part of the campaign to curb online content piracy from the country, and take the competition head-on at the global stage.


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Salim November 26, 2015 - 2:29 pm

A perfect website to watch all Pakistani TV Dramas Online and also live cricket streaming. Yes Fast & High Quality Streaming.


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