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Tumharey Husn Kay Naam Episode 10 in review: Salma and Sikandar’s love story takes a tragic turn

Tumharey Husn Kay Naam, a drama series from Green Entertainment, has already aired 10 episodes, revealing a significant twist in Salma and Sikandar’s romantic journey. The onscreen chemistry between Saba Qamar and Imran Abbas is truly remarkable. The storyline portrays Salma and Sikandar deeply in love with each other, but unfortunately, their love story appears to be thwarted as Salma is compelled into a marriage with Atif.

Watch Tumharey Husn Kay Naam Episode 10 here:-

Tumharey Husn Kay Naam Episode 10

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Tumharey Husn Kay Naam Episode 11 Teaser

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In This Episode

The romance between Salma and Sikandar is blossoming as they have openly expressed their feelings for each other. During a meeting at Lawrence Garden, Salma had the opportunity to meet Sikandar’s mother. However, Salma, in her innocence, unknowingly places her trust in her supposed best friend, Muniza, who harbors hidden feelings of jealousy towards Salma. Unbeknownst to Salma, Muniza secretly yearns for Atif and is determined to marry him. Muniza covertly contacts Atif and endeavors to undermine Salma in his eyes.

Atif happens to spot Salma meeting Sikandar’s mother at a park. In a gathering, Atif’s mother taunts Salma’s mother, insinuating that her daughter has already chosen a suitor for herself. This revelation infuriates Salma’s mother, who is taken aback by the news of her daughter’s encounter with a young man in the park. When Salma confesses her feelings for Sikandar, her mother reacts with intense frustration. This reaction is a disappointment on Salma’s father’s part, as they expected him to respond differently to the situation. Instead, he deviates from his usual character.

Rather than supporting Salma, her father starts arranging a marriage for her with a young man he knows she dislikes. Surprisingly, he gives Atif’s parents the green light to propose to Salma. Simultaneously, he requests Salma to have Sikandar meet him in the evening. To everyone’s surprise, Sikandar doesn’t appear, and he is nowhere to be found in the college either. This disappearance raises questions about Sikandar’s whereabouts, leading to suspicions that either Atif or Salma’s father might have taken him.

Salma is left in a helpless situation, and she pleads with her father not to rush into marrying her off to Atif. She begs him to wait for Sikandar, and her father reluctantly agrees to give him ten days. Muniza, on the other hand, attempts to locate Sikandar but fails. Fueled by her jealousy for Salma, she decides to marry Salma’s love, Atif, believing that Sikandar is lost to Salma. Salma signs her marriage papers under duress, unable to see through Muniza’s deceit. It’s a truly tragic love story, marked by deception and heartache.

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