Top Pakistani YouTubers

Without a doubt, Pakistan is full of talent whether if it is cooking or technology Pakistan has it all. To showcase the talent YouTube is the best platform for it. Therefore, here are the top Pakistani YouTubers with most subscribers.

Top Pakistani YouTubers With Most Subscribers:

Have a look at the top Pakistani YouTubers and see whether your favorite is in the list:

1. P 4 Pakao:

Top Pakistani YouTubers

P 4 Pakao YouTube Channel

Nadir Ali is the real mastermind behind the success of P 4 Pakao. Their content is pranking, they create the biggest pranks of all time. And they have labeled as the biggest prankster. Also, it has become the largest independent channel from Pakistan in 2018. Moreover, it is the first Pakistani channel that crossed 1 million followers. In addition, it has a total of 6 million followers/subscribers on YouTube and Facebook. Currently, on YouTube, it has 3.17 million subscribers.

2. Kitchen with Amna:

Kitchen with Amna YouTube Channel

The Kitchen with Amna is the first female Pakistani YouTube channel that crossed 1 million followers and currently, the channel has 3.47 million subscribers. The content of the channel is all about cooking and evening snacks. The host, Amna uploads foods’ videos of Pakistani, Indian, and Continental cuisines.

3. Qasim Ali Shah:

top pakistani youtubers

Qasim Ali Shah YouTube Channel

Among the top Pakistani YouTubers the Qasim Ali Shah ranks the best when it comes to motivational content. His motivational videos and lectures are the inspiration for youngsters. To date, he has 2.17 million subscribers on YouTube.

4. Ducky Bhai:

Ducky Bhai YouTube Channel

The real man behind Ducky Bhai’s massive and breathtaking content is Saad Ur Rehman. His content specifically revolves around roasting. However, when it comes to roasting in Pakistan Ducky Bhai is matchless. With his unique roasting content, he has gained 1.91 million subscribers on YouTube.

5. Khujlee Family:

top pakistani youtubers

Khujlee Family YouTube Channel

When we are talking about roasters Khujlee Family cannot be left behind. The Raza Samo is the creator of this channel. He has been struggling a lot and after untiring efforts, he made to the best and top Pakistani YouTubers. He has two channels, whereas his main channel that is Khujlee Family has a total of 1.32 million subscribers.

6. XeeTechCare:

XeeTechCare YouTube Channel

The talented Zaryab Khan is behind this extraordinary channel XeeTechCare. He has the biggest “Mobile and Technology Review” channel. With such amazing content and videos over 3500+ makes him listed among the top Pakistani Youtubers. His channel has a total of 1.45 million subscribers.

7. Shahmeer Abbas:

top pakistani youtubers

Shahmeer Abbas YouTube Channel

If the fastest-growing channel would be an award it would have certainly fallen for Shahmeer Abbas. His channel is full of pranks and dance videos, and due to his pranks audience is loving this young guy. However, this YouTuber has currently 1.49 million subscribers, and its growing day-by-day.

8. VideoWaliSarkar:

VideoWaliSarkar YouTube Channel

For reviews, tech news, and tech videos VideoWaliSarkar is the best option. The young man Bilal Munir reviews the latest technology and it gaining popularity due to this. Even though, many brands ask themselves to review their product for them. His channel has currently 1.21 million subscribers.

9. Irfan Junejo:

top pakistani youtubers

Irfan Junejo YouTube Channel

The best vlogger of Pakistani, Irfan Junejo has to be in the list of top Pakistani YouTubers. However, he is one of the fewest YouTubers of Pakistan who knows the art of branding. He currently has 996 thousand subscribers on YouTube but his engagement rate and bond with the audience are beyond imagination.

10. Mooroo:

Mooroo YouTube Channel

Well, Mooroo does not any introduction with his versatility he has gained a massive audience and fame. His name is best known for a musician, director, film student, editor, singer, actor, Youtuber, and vlogger. His youtube channel is a complete treat for all. He has currently 893 thousand subscribers.

11. Karachi Vynz Official:

top pakistani youtubers

Karachi Vynz Official YouTube Channel

Among the top Pakistani YouTubers Karachi Vynz Official shall stand too. They create comedy content mostly short skits and funny videos. Their current fanbase is 928 thousand subscribers.

12. Bekaar Films:

Bekaar Films YouTube Channel

The Bekaar Films is one of the best comedy channels of Pakistani and shall deserve to be in the top Pakistani YouTubers. They have a total of 1.05 million subscribers.

13. The Idiotz:

top pakistani youtubers

The Idiotz YouTube Channel

Like said, Pakistan is full of talent yet here is another one The Idiotz. They create funny content and are quite famous with 1.07 million subscribers on YouTube.

14. Danish Ali:

Danish Ali YouTube Channel

Yet another comedy channel that is Danish Ali. He creates many funny videos and with his funny content, he has won many hearts. On YouTube, he has 422 thousand subscribers.

15. Village Food Secrets:

top pakistani youtubers

Village Food Secrets YouTube Channel

The owner of Village Food Secrets, Mubashir Saddiqui was used to work as a production manager in a Football manufacturing company in Sialkot. But then he started his channel naming Village Food Secrets and now he has 2.28 million subscribers.

Wrapping Up:

Each YouTuber, whether it is in the list of top Pakistani Youtubers or not it deserves respect, love, and support. Do not hate unless there is a reason. Each YouTuber gives their efforts and time to create content so DO SPREAD LOVE AND SUPPORT THEM!

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