Tips to stay healthy while traveling

While travelling, it is essential to follow a healthy routine that will ensure you have a guilt-free and enjoyable trip!

Stay Active

When given the option, avoid using the escalators and elevators and opt for the stairs! Try running up the stairs, or walking two steps at a time. Small bursts of cardio are better than none.

Tip: If your flight is longer than an hour, escape the economy class syndrome by walking up and down the aisles every 45 minutes.

Don’t Over eat

On a holiday, overindulging in fatty foods may be tempting, but enjoy everything in moderation. Excessively consuming foods that are packed with carbohydrates and refined sugars is not only harmful for your body but can also accelerate weight gain.

Stay Hydrated

Long flights and drastic changes in weather conditions can cause severe dehydration. Always carry around a water bottle so you can replenish yourself to avoid feeling faint and nauseous.

 Re-stock the mini-fridge

Hotels tend to stock up their mini-fridges with a variety of chocolates and soft drinks. Carry around healthy snacks (nuts, fruits, dark chocolate), so you can re-stock your fridge and clear away all the processed food.

 Don’t forget your supplements!

Nourishing your body and your brain is the key to a healthy lifestyle. To accomplish this, carry your daily supplements with you when you travel, so your body will never be deprived!

 Sleep well

The perfect cure for stress and fatigue is a good night’s rest. Sleeping for at least 7-8 hours every night guarantees a fruitful day to follow, and is the first step to ensuring a healthy sleep cycle.


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Rosie M. Otten October 17, 2015 - 2:50 pm

Hi, thanks for sharing this useful post. I want to add something here. It is better advice to keep your hands clean when traveling that is helpful step to prevent form bacteria and virus. It is necessary to wash your hands before eating while travelling. You can carry hand sanitizer with you when a bathroom is not available.


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