Sneak Peak of the City of Eagles , Sargodha

Sargodha city is headquarter of Sargodha district, Punjab and was founded in 1940.

People of Sarghoda are very patriotic and immensely support the Pakistani Army and Air Force. Education in Sargodha is widespread as people place a lot of importance on it, even in rural areas. The city is famous for citrus fruits production and has the largest orange producing districts.

There are several theories as to how the city took its name. The theory that can be mostly applied depicts the name as ‘Pond of Godha’, ‘Sar’ as pond and ‘Godha’- the Hindu man who lived beside the pond. Sargodha is commonly known as the city of eagles due to its strategic defensive location and the presence of PAF Base Mushaf.



Sargodha stadium

Sargodha stadium is a national stadium that dates back to the 1950’s. It is well acknowledged for being the host stadium for Pakistan v/s Sri Lanka match in 1991-92 where Pakistan got the victory. It is also used as a spot for sports events or any local functions.


Lake Anwaar

Anwaar Lake is located near Shaheen Abad, Sargodha. The lake is surrounded by huge Sandstone Rocks which provide a beautiful scenery and tranquil environment. This place is surrounded by tourists as well as locals with friends and families. If you are visiting Sargodha for the first time, you should explore this stunning lake too.

 Kirana Hills

Kirana hills, or the Black mountains, are a small mountain range in Punjab with extreme weather conditions of up to 50°C and as low as 0°C. The highest peak is about 300m. These hills have been used as test sites by the Pakistani Army.




Since the city has been developing rapidly, so shopping in Sargodha was limited a few years ago.

But now there has been a good establishment of small scaled shopping centers spread all around the city. Famous shopping arcades include Kachehri Bazaar and Anarkali Bazaar.



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People here are fond of eating at ‘dhabas’. Apart from that, there are several hotels and restaurants that are enjoyed by visitors including Karana Bar Restaurant and KhayamChowk.

The people of Sargodha have great food habits. A visitor from outside should try the famous samosas and pakoras from Khayam Chowk.




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