TikTok’s #GhoomoPakistan Initiative Celebrates Pakistan’s Hidden Treasures and Cultural Riches

TikTok’s #GhoomoPakistan initiative, a two-month-long campaign aimed at showcasing Pakistan’s diverse landscapes, cultural heritage, and untapped potential as a tourism destination, has culminated with astounding success. The campaign garnered a remarkable 2.3 billion video views, captivating audiences with captivating travel content spanning all provinces of Pakistan.

As the campaign draws to a close on World Tourism Day, TikTok not only achieved exceptional engagement but also contributed significantly to portraying Pakistan as an enticing global travel destination.

The mission behind #GhoomoPakistan was twofold: to promote responsible tourism and debunk misconceptions that have overshadowed Pakistan’s allure as a travel hotspot. At its core, the initiative sought to reveal lesser-explored travel destinations while shedding light on the country’s diverse beauty, rich history, vibrant culture, and thriving art scene.

TikTok recognized the immense potential of local talent and partnered with four top creators, granting them the opportunity to explore some of Pakistan’s most enchanting regions. Rana Hamza Saif embarked on a captivating journey encompassing Islamabad, Skardu, and Hunza. Zenith, popularly known as “The Motorbike Girl,” ventured through Islamabad, Neelum Valley, and Arang Kel, while Zernab Shastri and Minahil Malik delved into the scenic beauty of Swat, Malam Jabba, and Kalam. These creators brought to life diverse narratives from various terrains, capturing breathtaking landscapes along the way.

In addition to these prominent creators, TikTok collaborated with over 15 local travel enthusiasts and featured videos from more than 100 creators, each showcasing the best of what Pakistan has to offer as a tourist destination. These creators shared their journeys through every province of Pakistan, unveiling unique routes, hidden treasures, must-try local eateries, and heartwarming encounters with the people they met on their travels.

As part of the campaign, TikTok introduced a dedicated #GhoomoPakistan travel hub on the platform, providing travelers with valuable resources such as details of scenic routes, travel tips, hotel recommendations, and a special section focusing on Pakistan’s rich culinary offerings. This hub served as a one-stop destination for travelers looking to explore the country’s hidden gems.

Saif Mujahid, Head of Content Operations and Marketing for Pakistan at TikTok, expressed his excitement about the impact of the #GhoomoPakistan campaign, stating, “TikTok has fast become the home of entertainment in Pakistan with content comprising various categories. Travel remains a very popular vertical, and we’re excited to see the impact we have been able to create through our #GhoomoPakistan campaign. We celebrated Pakistan’s diversity and beauty along with our TikTok community in Pakistan. Moreover, the campaign also underscored the significance of responsible tourism, cleanliness, respect for local cultural values, and the vital role of sustainable tourism in preserving the environment and enriching local communities.”

To relive the journey and discover more about Pakistan’s hidden treasures, you can explore the campaign’s hashtags #GhoomoPakistan and #ThisisPakistan. TikTok’s #GhoomoPakistan initiative has not only celebrated the beauty of the nation but also paved the way for responsible and sustainable tourism, ensuring that Pakistan’s allure continues to shine on the global stage.

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