The U Within Association holds its First Patient Summit at Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi

The U Within Association is providing platform to facilitate the patients of severe skin diseases such as Urticaria & Psoriasis in the First Patient Summit as part of its continuous efforts towards working for the physical & mental wellbeing of patients in Pakistan

May 7th 2016, The U Within Association holds its First Patient Summit at Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi. Attended by consultant dermatologists, patients, members of the association & important people from the corporate sector. The aim of this patient summit is to provide voice and power to patients with severe skin diseases so they can share their sentiments and sufferings about how they are fighting to get control over their lives.

“The U Within Association” is a patient welfare organization which for the past two years has been training both patients & doctors about severe skin diseases such as Psoriasis & Urticaria. It is chaired by television host/anchor and social activist Dr. Muzna Ebrahim. The association started off as a small group of doctors, psychiatrists and life coaches providing counseling to patients who had become depressed, isolated & even suicidal because of the long duration and unpredictability of their disease. At present they are lobbying with pharmaceutical companies and the government sector for the provision of free/subsidized medicines for deserving patients. Thanks to the support of the pharmaceutical sector they have succeeded in helping many patients who are now on the road to a full physical and emotional recovery.

In our country not much importance is given to mental wellbeing, nor is there any focus on how long standing illnesses which more often than not are misdiagnosed and consequently mistreated give rise to emotional anxiety & depression which in turn give rise to a cascade of other negative thoughts. For these patients just knowing that they are not alone, sharing experiences and stories with other patients suffering from the same disease is a major step on the road to rehabilitation.

The Association hosts regular patient, doctor and counselor group meets, arranges for free consults with the best dermatologists in the country and even provides free treatment. Apart from this they hold small personalized sessions with both physicians and patients to train them on how to deal with patients who have severe skin diseases.

We hope with the support of members of the press and bloggers we will be able to eradicate the myths and misconceptions about these skin diseases. Acceptance of these patients in society is imperative for them to lead a normal life free of inquisitive stares and judgment.

Key Speakers of our patient’s summit were

Dr Najia Ashraf M.D, MSc (London, UK) was the key speaker for the session. She is a famous Dermatologist and has specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and tumors of the skin and its appendages, having medical and surgical sides to the specialty and special emphasis on histopathology. Najia highlighted in her speech that there are newer treatment options available like biologics that give 90% to 100% clear skin in some cases. The treatments are available in foreign countries but they are trying to bring it in Pakistan soon.

Dr Manzoor Memon was invited is a Specialist in Skin diseases, Honorable consultant at Marie Adelaide leprosy Centre, Member of Institute of Skin disease Sindh and vice president of Pakistan Association of Dermatologist with over 30 years of experience and has treated innumerable cases of Urticaria and Psoriasis and other severe skin conditions. His experience with Psoriasis and Urticaria is unmatched.

Mr Farid Ali is the COO of the Indus University, Suffering from Psoriasis himself. He shared his experience and motivated the patients to fight back for their lives

Other speakers and honorable guests include

MR & MS Ranesh Vankwani -Minister Minorities

DR Riaz Memon – CEO, PPHI (People’s Primary Healthcare Initiative)

MS Boba Venture – Red Crescent

MR Saqib Baqai – Owner, Bakai Medical University

DR Wajahat Khan – Clinical Psychiatrist & Counselor

Dr Jawed – Regional Director, WHO

MR Rashid Siddiqui – Representative, JS Group

MR Jamil Mughal – Director, McDonalds

The U within Association aims to help patients who are struggling with severe skin conditions to become comfortable in their own skin and eventually rediscover themselves!

This is been only made possible by an expert panel of consultants and dermatologists who provide our members free consultation, guidance and counseling.

Thanks to the support of various pharmaceutical companies we are able to provide our members and patients medication at subsidized rates.

The U within has taken several steps to support the cause, primarily by creating awareness through events & campaigns for doctors and patients both.

The association provides a platform to the patients to express their feelings and have open discussions which help them understand that they are not alone in this.

A support system, guidance and better understanding of the emotional effects of skin diseases on one’s mental health are the first steps towards finally being comfortable in the skin you live in and ultimately rediscovering yourself.

About The U within Association:

The U Within Association was created with the aim to spread the word of awareness about various skin diseases with a special focus on Urticaria and Psoriasis. We aim to help patients who are struggling with this severe skin condition to become comfortable in their own skin and eventually rediscover themselves! This is made possible by our panel of consultants and experts.

Unfortunately in our country not much importance is given to mental wellbeing. Nor is there any focus on how long standing illnesses give rise to emotional stress, anxiety and depression. Insecurities then give rise to a cascade of other negative thoughts and emotions. It is a domino effect that must be nipped in the bud via counseling and support groups. Knowing that they are not alone, sharing experiences thoughts and stories is a major step on the road to rehabilitation.

Mission of The U Within Association:

In this regard The “U with In Association” has taken following steps :

Took an initiative in creating awareness about Urticaria and other skin disease focusing on the impact on the life of patients and their families

Creates awareness in General Physicians through seminars and symposia as they are most likely the first medical professional the patient seeks help from. This will help make our first line of defense strong as more often than not Urticaria is misdiagnosed as a common allergy. The patients actual plight starts at this point.

Provides a platform to the patients for support group meetings where they can openly discuss their experiences with each other with no fear of being judged.

Free Counseling for the patients by our experts to help them cope better with their condition and prevent depression and isolation.

Free Consultation for our members by the leading dermatologists in the country so that they may manage their skin condition in the best possible way.

It was an imperative step on our part to make the treatment of this skin disease accessible to those who cannot afford it. This is why The U within association has also approached various pharmaceutical companies for their support in getting medicines at a subsidized rate .






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