Dive into the Heartwarming Tale of Tark e Wafa starring Mohib Mirza and Hina Chaudhary

Tune in tonight at 7:00 PM to witness a moving tale of love and connection in the new drama serial Tark e Wafa, starring Mohib Mirza and Hina Chaudhary, exclusively on ARY Digital. This highly anticipated series explores the deep and unparalleled bond between a father and his daughter, showcasing a connection filled with love, care, and unwavering support.

Video Credits: ARY Digital

An Emotional Journey

Tark e Wafa is a heartwarming and emotional tale that delves into the dark complexities of loyalty and manipulation within a family. The storyline follows the beloved brother, Sabtain, whose love and dedication keep his family united amidst escalating sibling rivalries and conflicts.

Meet the Characters

  • Mohib Mirza as Sabtain: Sabtain is a successful builder and the apple of his family’s eye. As the beloved brother of three sisters, he prioritizes his business and the happiness of his elder sister, Aneela.
  • Hina Chaudhary as Maryam: Maryam is an innocent girl from a middle-class family, pursuing a career as an architect. Encouraged by her grandmother to focus on her career, she navigates the challenges of balancing work and family expectations.
  • Shahood Alvi as Najeeb: Najeeb is Maryam’s supportive father who stands by her in every decision of her life.
  • Fazila Qazi as Zehra: Zehra is Maryam’s caring mother who believes her daughter should prioritize marriage over her career.
  • Sameena Ahmed as Bano Begum: Bano Begum, Maryam’s beloved grandmother and the decision-maker of the house, supports Maryam’s career aspirations.
  • Zainab Qayoom as Aneela: Aneela, the elder sister of Sabtain, is smart and caring but believes she has authority over everyone, causing tension within the family.
  • Maya Khan as Sajeela: Sajeela, Sabtain’s younger sister, is married to the unemployed Nadeem, who pressures her to claim her share of Sabtain’s property.
  • Ammara Chaudhry as Anam: Anam, Sabtain’s youngest sister, is in love with Ayaz, a dreamer from a modest background. Sabtain adores Anam and strives to fulfill all her wishes.
  • Areej Chaudhary as Nausheen: Nausheen is Ayaz’s sister, whose marriage proposal complicates the dynamics between Ayaz and Anam.
  • Mujtaba Abbas as Ayaz: Ayaz faces a dilemma when his mother conditions his marriage to Anam on his sister marrying Sabtain.
  • Asad Zaman as Shaheer: Shaheer is Sabtain’s best friend from a wealthy background who supports him through thick and thin.
  • Sabrina Naqvi as Ayesha: Ayesha, Shaheer’s wife, believes it’s time for Sabtain to marry and settle down, viewing Aneela as selfish.

A Tale of Love and Loyalty

Sabtain’s accidental meeting with Maryam turns into a fateful relationship as she joins his firm, and they eventually marry. However, their union faces significant challenges due to the manipulative and controlling nature of Sabtain’s sister, Aneela. Each character in Tark e Wafa brings their own unique personality and story, with Aneela standing out for her strong desire to control and the intense family rivalries she sparks.

Behind the Scenes

  • Written By: Rabia Razzaque
  • Directed By: Kashif Ahmed Butt
  • Produced By: ARY Digital


  • Mohib Mirza
  • Hina Chaudhary
  • Shahood Alvi
  • Fazila Qazi
  • Sameena Ahmed
  • Zainab Qayoom
  • Maya Khan
  • Ammara Saeed
  • Mujtaba Abbas
  • Fareeda Shabbir
  • Asad Zaman
  • Sabrina Naqvi
  • Ayesha Gul

Tune In Tonight

Tark e Wafa starts tonight, July 6th, and will air daily at 7:00 PM. Don’t miss this breathtaking narrative that promises to captivate audiences with its heartfelt and intriguing story.

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