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Plot & Synopsis of HUM TV Upcoming drama ”Haya Kay Daman Mei”

The plot of Haya Kay Daman Mei revolves around the innocent and vivacious Haya and the story highlights how family politics, jealousy and lust dent relations and destroy families. Being the only daughter and sister, Haya’s every wish has been fulfilled by her parents and elder brothers Farid & Aarish. …

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Haya Kay Daaman Main Starts 30th March 2016 on HUM TV

HUM TV comes up with another drama serial titled ”Haya Kay Daaman Main” which starts 30th March 2016 at 7.30 PM. Haya Kay Daaman Main is a story of an innocent girl named Haya who is the only daughter of her parents. She is used to of living her life filled with happiness. …

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Sneak Preview of GEO TV upcoming soap “Sila Aur Jannat”

Will they win a fight for their rights against a male dominated society  GEO TV recently announced the release of new drama soap by the name of “Sila Aur Jannat”. It gravitates around a joint household system having real and step family members. Rubina, a widow, being an inhabitant of …

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