Visionary poet ‘Allama Iqbal’ remembered on his 83rd death anniversary

Great philosopher, thinker and Poet of East, Allama Dr Muhammad Iqbal was remembered on his 83rd death anniversary to pay homage to his services for the Muslims of the Sub-continent.

Born on November 9, 1877 in Sialkot, Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal was a great visionary poet, who formulated the idea of Pakistan and, therefore, regarded as one of the founding fathers of the country. He wrote many books and his first poetry book ‘The Secrets of the Self’ appeared 1915 in Persian language, Private channels reported.

Allama Iqbal’s best work

His best literary work includes Asrar-e-Khudi, Payam- e-Mashriq, Bang-e-Dara, Bal-e-Jibril, Zarb-e-Kalim and Armughan-e-Hijaz. Iqbal’s legendary poetry translated into Spanish, Persian, Chinese, Japanese, English and several other languages. It is pertinent to mention here that a major portion of Allama Iqbal’s work is in Persian as he had flawless command over the language.

The visionary poet also admired as a prominent poet by Pakistanis, Indians, Iranians and other international scholars of literature. Iqbal was given the title of ‘Allama’ due to his deep philosophical thinking and far-sightedness.

Shair-e-Mashriq, Muffakir-e-Pakistan, and Hakeem-ul-Ummat are some more titles that were given to the national poet for his unforgettable work in history.

Being a member of All India Muslim League, Iqbal strongly supported Jinnah and had great faith in his leadership. Iqbal was quoted in a book by Sayyid Nazir Niazi as saying “Muslim League can succeed only on account of Jinnah. Now, none but Jinnah is capable of leading the Muslims.”

Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal during his last days, suffered from a throat disease and passed away in Lahore on April 21, 1938.

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