Synopsis of new drama serial Marzi

There are many people in the world who help others just for the sake of humanity and to please the God. These people never ask for anything in return but then there also some people who although help others but also ruthlessly interfere and control their lives. They ask a lot in turn of the favors they give no matter how small they might be. Such people can be a serious nuisance in a society as they keep degrading others and try to deprive them off their real identity and self respect.

To explain and depict the people that how can this nuisance can be so threatening, a recently launched drama serial, Marzi is introduced, directed by Syed Wajahat Hussain and written by  Ali Moeen which explains the consequences of being dominated that it can ruin a person’s talent and most important his or her life!

The drama revolves around the story of Manaal, a young and courageous girl who voices against her rich and dominating brother-in-law Irfan, who tries to control her and her family’s life. Irfan is shown a rich and a powerful man who owns several assets including a radio station. At the radio station, works a distant step cousin of Irfan, Zain who is a RJ and an amazing singer and wants to start his singing career but due to the notorious behavior of Irfan, his talent is being neglected. Irfan’s unjust involvement also irks Zain, but as he has no other job or any source of income, so he has to work according to the wishes of Irfan.The dramas portrays the suffering of being unjustly controlled and how will Manaal out of frustration decided to rebel against the unjust rule of Irfan. Presented by Baber Javed, the drama serial airs on every Thursdays at 8:00pm on Geo TV.


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