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Sneak Preview of HUM Sitaray Drama ‘Dirilis Ertuğrul’


HUM Sitaray brings you the highest-rated period drama across the globe in recent history, Dirilis Ertuğrul – the story of the father of Osman 1, founder of the Ottoman Empire.  The plot is set in the 13th century and centres on the life of Ertuğrul.

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Suleyman Shah is the leader of the Kayi tribe that wants to migrate to another place where they can have a better life. Shah wants to give a better future to his people but doesn’t want to make quick decisions without considering all the side effects. He sends his only trustworthy son Ertuğrul on a quest of finding new land for his men. Bearing the burden of his tribe, Ertuğrul and his three men set on a voyage of one of the most historical events in human history that ultimately leads to the foundation of the great Ottoman Empire.

The art direction, battle sequences, immaculate direction, top-notch production and unforgettable display of acting by veteran Turkish actors make a Dirilis Ertuğrul a must-watch, especially for strategy and traditional warfare drama-lovers in Pakistan.

Starting from 24th August 2015

Every Mon-Tue at 9 pm


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