New Skiing place in Swat

Tourists are calling Swat valley as tourists paradise

A larger number of visitors including foreign dignitaries and domestic tourists are visiting Swat valley which is considering one of the beautiful and like a paradise for tourists that blossoms fill with lovely colors in every season. 

Sajjad Hussain, a resident of G-10, said the scenic mountains are source of major inspiration and attractions for the tourists and also beautifying the Swat valley including Kalam, Bahrain, Madyan, Bishigram and others places.

He said the beautiful followers, historical places, lovely weather, cleanliness and peaceful atmosphere also a key factor for our trip. “People of valley are so hospitable, loving and traditional delicious foods make the day so pleasant,” he added. 

He further said observing the nature can remove stress, depression and anxiety from the tourists and Swat valley one of the attractive sites called a heaven on the earth. 

Iman Ali, a resident of Karachi metropolitan city, visited along with his family to Swat valley by founding people very hospitable and fresh food are selling by locals in inexpensive rates compared to Murree and other tourist sites. 

He said people belonging to every age including women, children, young adults and students of various universities are visiting the Swat valley to enjoy the nature.

It is pertinent to mention here, if leaving from Peshawar or Islamabad the Swat Expressway M-16 starts from Karnel Sher Khan Interchange on Islamabad-Peshawar motorway (M-1). Swat is well connected with important cities like Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Peshawar to facilitate the commuters. 

The Swat valley can truly be called the valley of Lakes, which not only feeds the emerald green Swat river but also provided ideal camping sites for adventures and nature lovers. Most of these lakes are hidden from the world due to their far-flung locations and take three to seven hours trekking to reach from the last village of the road. 

Exploring these miracles of nature demands endurance, patience, courage and above all love for natural beauty. 

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