New Skiing place in Swat

Swat Experiencing a Surge in Foreign Tourists Exploring its Natural Beauty

Often referred to as the “Switzerland of Pakistan,” the Swat district is currently experiencing a surge in foreign tourists, particularly from European countries, eager to explore the unparalleled natural beauty of this remarkable region.

Influx of foreign tourists in Swat

According to the district administration, the month of September has witnessed a significant influx of foreign tourists, with many hailing from European nations. They have flocked to the enchanting valleys of Swat, including Mahudhand, Mankiyal, Kalam, Gabin Jabba, and Mallam Jabba. These tourists have been indulging in the joy of traversing the serene and picturesque mountain tracks that grace these areas.

The allure of Swat also extends to its glaciers, with groups of foreign tourists making their way to the Kalam glaciers to revel in their beauty and savor local delicacies, particularly the famed trout fish.

Several tourists expressed their deep admiration for the majestic mountains and valleys of Swat. They also showered praise on the warm hospitality and cordiality of the local populace. Their visit to Swat, they noted, would be etched in their memories, and they harbored hopes of returning to this remarkable destination in the future.

These visitors commended the friendliness of the Swat locals and acknowledged the special care and facilities provided by both the locals and the Pakistan Army during their trip. They found the Pakistan Army to be a highly professional and disciplined force, further enhancing their overall experience.

Swat’s magnetic charm continues to beckon tourists from around the globe, and its scenic wonders and warm hospitality leave an indelible mark on the hearts of all who venture into its breathtaking landscapes.

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