Sultanat Last Episode: A Controversial End

The final episode of HUM TV’s drama serial ‘Sultanat’ aired tonight at 9:00 pm, leaving fans with mixed feelings and a sense of disappointment. Directed by Shah Hussain and produced by MD Productions, ‘Sultanat’ has captivated audiences with its intricate portrayal of family dynamics, power struggles, and betrayals. The drama, penned by the acclaimed writer Noor Ul Huda Shah, has kept viewers on the edge of their seats, but its conclusion has sparked a wave of controversy.

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Sultanat Last Episode

Video Credits: HUMTV

‘Sultanat’ delves into a world where power is a weapon wielded with ruthless determination. The central character, Shahnawaz, portrayed by the phenomenal Humayun Ashraf, is a man driven to maintain his iron grip over his family. The show’s gripping narrative and stellar performances by the cast, including Maha Hasan, Ahmed Randhawa, Syed Muhammad Ahmed, and Usman Javed, have been the talk of the town since its inception.

The Ending of Sultanat

However, the finale has left many fans dissatisfied. Viewers were hoping for a happy ending between the characters Waseem and Maham, but were instead shocked to see Waseem marry Mehru. This unexpected twist was seen as unfair by many, who felt the storyline deserved a more fitting conclusion.

The abrupt ending of the drama has led to speculations about budget issues forcing the makers to wrap up the show hastily. Fans took to social media to express their disappointment, with many stating that the characters, especially the brother-in-law, did not receive the proper closure or punishment they deserved.

Despite the backlash, ‘Sultanat’ has been praised for its compelling storytelling and strong performances. It’s a testament to the creative vision of director Shah Hussain and the writing prowess of Noor Ul Huda Shah. The drama may have ended on a controversial note, but it has undeniably made a significant impact on its audience.

Director: Shah Hussain
Producer: MD Productions
Writer: Noor Ul Huda Shah

Main Cast:

  • Humayun Ashraf
  • Maha Hasan
  • Ahmed Randhawa
  • Syed Muhammad Ahmed
  • Usman Javed

The ending of ‘Sultanat’ may not have been what fans expected, but it has certainly sparked conversations and debates, showcasing the powerful hold this drama had over its viewers.

What do you think of the Sultanat ending? Share your thoughts in comments below.

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