Soneya – The Heartbreak Anthem By Asim Azhar

Asim Azhar just launched the biggest heartbreak anthem of the time. The anthem is titled “Soneya” which features Azim Azhar himself. The music video was shot under very challenging circumstances, says Azim Azhar (in the disclaimer). Let’s sneak into the masterpiece created by one of the finest music artists, Asim Azhar.

Video Credits: Asim Azhar

Soneya – The Heartbreak Anthem ft. Asim Azhar:

By the song, “Soneya” Asim Azhar has proved that he is a gem and a voice of youth. The song, Soneya certainly has written beautifully. The main motto of the song revolves around:

Why did you leave me? If you would not want to be mine, you could have told me once. How would I love someone now? I am not able to love anyone now. Oh darling, why did you break my only heart?

However, the chores are certainly very powerful and completely sync with the title and theme. Asim Azhar has surely back with a bang after Tum Tum. Asim hits differently when he says;

Oh soneya, kyun toreya dil ek ko si mera. Oh soneya, kyun toreya ki kitta main tera?

Captivating And Charming Voice Of Asim Azhar:

Asim’s look in Soneya

Without a doubt, Asim has a magical voice that if one listens to it; it keeps listening to it. Asim has proved many times that he has been gifted by a captivating voice. Whenever he sings, the vibes become different and soothing. This time in Soneya, he throws the mix of soothing and pop music. And without a doubt, the song was equally balanced.

Wardrobe, Videography, And Choreography:

One of the best elements of Soneya was Asim’s wardrobe. He balances the trendy, chic, and OTT outfit the best. It seems like he is making this look at his statement. However, when it comes to video, it beautifully picturizes him and gave the right feel of the song. Whereas the choreography is concerned, there is not much of it but the idea of “LESS IS TOO MUCH” vividly portrays here.

Special Thanks To Hania Amir, Fans, and Others:


Special thanks to fans by Asim Azhar

Being a gentleman, Asim thanks for his song “Soneya” to Umer Mukhtar, Hania Aamir, Sajid Maklai, and his fans. He mentions his thanking note for fans in the disclaimer.

Best Wishes For Him:

This is certain that behind a video clip of a few minutes there is a lot of hard work and passion and the artists do this for the audience’s entertainment. Therefore, the artist Asim deserves the best wishes for this one and all upcoming songs too.

All the best for Soneya. Certainly, it will be a big hit and will surely break the records

Song Credits:

  • Music Composer: Asim Azhar
  • Lyrics: Kunaal Vermaa
  • Music Producer: Qasim Azhar
  • Co-Producer: Haider Ali & Asim Azhar
  • Recorded at Kazman Productions
  • Vocal Production & Mixed by Chris ‘TEK’ O’Ryan
  • Mastered by Joe Bozzi

Video Credits:

  • Directed by Fida Moin
  • D.O.P: Usman Malkani
  • Starring: Roshanay Afridi & Reham Rafiq
  • Online Edit & Post: Syed Ali Sufi
  • Art Directors: Muhammad Sumair & Qasim Badshah
  • Stills: Ebtesam Ahmed
  • Wardrobe: Jazib Qamar, Zaheer Abbas
  • Stylist: Tabesh Khoja
  • Makeup & Hair: Nabila’s Salon
  • Assistant Director: Ahtesham Khan
  • Assistant D.O.P: Saqib Ansari
  • Colorist: Tahir Moosa
  • Offline Edit: Rizwan Ali
  • Promotional Campaign Designed by Clinch Agency
  • BTS: Kashif Afridi
  • Producer: Malkani Films
  • Team AA: Adil Malik, Syed Jahanzaib Ali
  • Production: Elixir Productions
  • Executive Producer: AA Records
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