The Other Side of Travelling that No One Talks About

Enough has been written on the flashy and exciting side of travelling. Sure, there is no feeling like exploring the world, meeting new people, experiencing new customs and learning about different cultures. However, there are also some other realities of travelling that no one talks about. In the excitement of planning for our new life, no one discusses the feeling of returning back to the place from where you once started your journey.

Thanks to the emerging e-commerce services, settling in a new place is no longer as nerve wrecking as it once used to be. From finding accommodations to finding jobs to dealing with cultural shocks, a lot has been written online to smoothen your settling at a new place. However, what to do when you land back to the place where you once planned your entire journey is something that needs to be talked about as well.

It has generally been noticed that the first initial weeks of coming back to your home town is almost as exciting as visiting a new place. When you return home, you have your reunions, you spend your first few weeks meeting and greeting your friends and family trying to catch up on all the thrilling and exciting stories that you missed during your travel. You may find great things happened to your friends and colleagues while you were away. All of a sudden, you realize that re-adjusting to your old life is more challenging than it was to start a new life at a completely new place.

It becomes difficult to act like your old self when in just a span of a journey you have explored your new self. You may hear comments from your loved ones like, you look just the same and you haven’t changed even in a bit; when deep down inside you know that you have transformed into an entirely different person that looks exactly the same from outside but thinks exactly the opposite. How to communicate these changes with your loved ones and most importantly how to develop acceptability of your new self in your old life remains a mystery as yet.

Did you feel the same after your first travel? Let us know about it in the comments below!





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