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SheEarns announce Women in Economy program set to cater economic independence of Pakistani women


Women in Economy Program 

SheEarns, held a Press Conference and announced ‘Women in Economy’ program focusing on the economic independence for Pakistani women through an accessible and dependable source of income.

SheEarns hosts brunch for celebrities and influencers to announce its initiative for women empowerment

Founder of SheEarns, Mehwish Salman Ali, took to the stage and spoke about her organization, and how it acted as a platform for women to become entrepreneurs. She said, I created ‘SheEarns’ to cater to the thousands of women in Pakistan who do not get the opportunity to earn a living for themselves, for those who are stopped from doing so because of family pressure, and those who do not have the right network to showcase their entrepreneurial talents to society and make a better living for themselves and their families.”


Posted by She Earns on Monday, December 3, 2018


She further added, “Around 49 percent of our population comprises of women. According to the Global Gender Gap Index, Pakistan was ranked 143 out of 144 countries in its latest figures. And according to a recent report released by the IMF, Pakistan’s GDP can increase by up to 30 percent if women are more empowered and play their role in the labor force. “These are just some of the facts which suggest that we need more initiatives such as SheEarns to ensure female participation in the labour force,” she elaborated.

Lauding the role of Prime Minister Imran Khan in striving to create more employment opportunities, she added, Being responsible citizens of Pakistan, we want to contribute through our platform towards the goals and vision of Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr Imran Khan to create 10 million jobs in the next five years.”


SheEarns is scheduled to hold an exhibition titled Women in Economy, on Sunday, December 9th 2018 at the Pakistan American Cultural Centre (PACC) with stalls for food, clothes, handicrafts, jewelry, etc. and create awareness about women empowerment in Pakistan.



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