The Legacy of Shalwar Kameez

Dating back to the Mughal era, the shalwar kameez can be defined as a long tunic worn over the shalwar.

Traditional attireis a popular ensemble for everyday wear, but it can also be wornon more formal occasions and at weddings. People wear different styles of salwar and kameez but the Pakistani Shalwar Kameez is the most popular dress design.

There are good reasons for wearing a shalwar and kameez. People perceive it as a kind of casual wear, and it makes you feel comfortable and relaxed during any season.

The classic touch to Shalwar Kameez can be seen in the new campaign by Almirah with Wasim Akram.

From the cabinet of luxury, we have this new winter collection 2022, which showcases nothing but the power of being a legend.

But, Why exactly the focus is on Shalwar Kameez?

This year, Almirah decided to go back to their roots to find the true self that had been waiting to unleash.

The true essence of every Pakistani, and to see that connection between the traditional dress & a commoner. When one dug into it, there was more than one could have expected. Almirah was the first and only brand to identify the many ways you can rock your shalwar kameez this winter, and it’s safe to say, they have done splendid work!

The kind of work, which you is never seen before in the Pakistani fashion industry. The trends, however, speak otherwise, and that is where the Wasim Akram campaign plays its role in outshining the crowd with its adaptability, style & making a statement. 

Due to their amazing variety for both genders, the shalwar and kameez are quite popular. If you’re a woman, you can choose from a wide variety of variants. For instance, if you want to wear it to a formal event, you can choose from several different styles, like Kurta, Sahara, Angara, and many more. If you want to wear it for everyday and informal use, pair a cotton or plane-style kurta with some cozy leggings or maybe some jeans.

But when it comes to Men clothing, it becomes quite a hectic task to find the perfect fit, but with Almirah’s new campaign, Men are bound to be lucky to have a wide range of options; in this campaign, you will find the right outfit for you. You can go anywhere and everywhere with a white cotton Salwar Kameez and Waskit. They can be assured that they are dressing well and seeming sophisticated. For example, even young boys often are often seen wearing a kurta kameez for different occasions and might choose to wear clothing with vibrant colors if that is their preference.

Now let us revert back to our question, why exactly did the shalwar Kameez of Almirah hold? The clothing is comfortable, and airy and gives you the most pleasant clothing experience. All you need was a little alteration on the fabric and it becomes the perfect wear in the winter. Sit, walk, office, wedding, party; a good shalwar kameez never goes out of fashion, and the Wasim Akram campaign by Almirah – gives you exactly what you are looking for this winter! 

What are you waiting for? Find your best pair of shalwar kameez now! 

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