Shaadi Hojanay Do Once We Get Married

Chinese Hit ‘Once We Get Married’ to be streamed online in Pakistan this May

Starring famous actors Wang Yu Wen & Wang Zi Qi, ‘Tapmad’ (On demand video streaming platform) has released the trailer of a Chinese Rom-com (dubbed), which will hit the screens on May 27 this year.

Trailer of Shaadi Hojanay Do (Once We Get Married)

Video Credits: TapMad Tv

Titled as ‘Once We Get Married’ the drama is an adaptation from a web novel, which will be aired in Urdu with the title of ‘Shadi Hojanay Do’.

While taking it to the social media, the online streaming channel dropped the trailer of the show along with its release date, setting a big treat for ‘Binge Watchers’.

“Don’t forget to watch ‘Shadi Hojanay Do’ (Once We Get Married), May 27 on 5 P.M”

“It’s a story of two opposite personalities”, they further added while sharing a glimpse of the interesting story plot, which is all set to unfold.

This new show will be another package of non-stop entertainment for all the viewers of OTT platform who can enjoy it this summer.

Shaadi Hojanay Do (Once We Get Married) Storyline

Gu Xi Xi is a fashion shopper, who runs a small online shop from home, and buys Alex’s couture wedding dresses for her clients. During a private reception, she gets acquainted with Yin Si Chen, an incident occurs leading to them to temporarily maintain a contract cooperative marriage relationship for a win-win situation pertaining to Alex.

The two with opposite personalities gradually find love in this contract marriage – tou phir Shaadi Hojanay Do.

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