Selfie Stick banned at a US Museum

With the popularity of Selfie’s came the Selfie stick and the craze to take Selfie’s at every hour of the day and at each move is going fanatic. We covered the popularity of Selfies in an article Selfie’s became a phenomenon in 2014 which talked about how selfies emerged to become a phenomenon in the past year. Well, as the craze to take selfies is increasing on the other hand it is also creating dangers as people have started to risk their lives to take very adventurous selfies, someone standing on the edge of a mountain to take a selfie with his selfie stick, on the other hand someone at the sea shore risking with a dangerous pose and the list goes on where people risk their lives to take a liking worth selfie.

It is also heard that many places in the world banned the use of selfie sticks due to the same reason. Recently, in the news is that a Museum in USA has banned the use of Selfie stick and the people will no longer be able to take pictures of themselves in front of a T-rex dinosaur using a camera mounted on a rod called the Selfie stick.

“We encourage museum visitors to take selfies and share their experiences and leave the selfie sticks in their bags,” the museum officials said in a statement.

Well, we urge people to play it safe and don’t try to take a selfie at a location where you welcome dangers risking your life.

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