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Saudi Arabia Unveils 5 New Visa Categories to Attract Global Talent and Investment

In a strategic move to enhance its appeal to skilled professionals and investors, Saudi Arabia has introduced five new visas under its “premium residency products.” Aligned with the nation’s Vision 2030 goals for economic transformation and global business prominence, these visa categories aim to contribute to economic diversification and increased international business engagement.

A Spectrum of Opportunities

The five new visa categories include Special Talent, Gifted, Investor, Entrepreneur, and Real Estate Owner residencies. Each category offers a unique set of benefits, ranging from conducting business and obtaining work permits to owning real estate, aligning with the ambitious Vision 2030 agenda.

Nurturing Unique Skills with Special Talent Residency

The Special Talent Residency targets executives and professionals in healthcare, science, and research, emphasizing the importance of unique skills that contribute to knowledge and technology transfer within the kingdom.

Investor Residency for Business Opportunities

Designed for those seeking opportunities in Saudi Arabia’s thriving business landscape, the Investor Residency aims to attract individuals eager to engage in the nation’s economic ventures.

Fostering Innovation with Entrepreneur Residency

The Entrepreneur Residency caters to aspiring entrepreneurs and owners of innovative projects, providing a platform for establishing startups in the kingdom and contributing to its entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Real Estate Owner Visa for Market Participants

The Real Estate Owner Visa targets individuals interested in tapping into Saudi Arabia’s rapidly growing real estate market, offering a visa that aligns with the kingdom’s economic development goals.

Majid bin Alkassabi’s Insights

Majid bin Alkassabi, Chairman of Saudi Arabia’s Premium Residency Centre, emphasized the numerous benefits associated with the new visas, including work permits, real estate ownership, and other advantages. However, specific details regarding the duration and costs of the new visas were not provided.

Vision 2030 Alignment

The introduction of these visa categories resonates with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, focusing on economic diversification, job creation, and knowledge exchange. The initiative aligns with the kingdom’s proactive efforts to promote public-private partnerships, industry free zones, and tax incentives to attract talent and investors.

Strengthening Saudi Arabia’s Global Business Hub Status

The new visa products underscore Saudi Arabia’s commitment to becoming a global business hub, actively encouraging individuals capable of adding value to the national economy to participate in the kingdom’s development journey. This initiative is poised to strengthen Saudi Arabia’s position as a prominent destination for professionals and investors, fostering economic growth and diversification.

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