#reCall : Call band reunites

The boys were last seen performing in Risalpur on 25th May, 2012, and now Call returns precisely after a gap of 3 years and 3 months to the forefront of a musical landscape that needed them more than ever.


With such massive rock hits as ‘Pukaar’, ‘Jilawatan,’ ‘Sab Bhula K,’ ‘Laaree Chotti’ ‘Hum Sa Hai Yeh Zamana’, ‘Shayad’ and ‘Ho Jaane De,’ Call had been one of the standout rock bands of the 2000s. It’s been a long road to get to this place for ‘Call’. Call took an indefinite hiatus in 2012; While Junaid was seen in several drama series and fashion shows, Xulfi took step towards production of music in films and nurturing his own music show by the name of Nescafe Basement.


For the most part, all had been quiet for the past few years until the new announcement revealing Call’s reunion.

Last night the eagerly anticipated comeback concert took place in Lahore.


Speaking after the event, excited Juanid said: “Since the day I parted from the band, fans asked me as to why were we not performing and making music together? It is the love from all CALL fans that convinced us to get on with making some great music and last night at the show, I realized that music without a doubt has been and always will be my first love”

Xulfi was thrilled and cited devotion of fans as the main reason for band’s decision to reunite: “Yes, we are back to make music again, to perform for you again, to follow our dreams and to make you a part of our journey, once again. Nothing beats the excitement, the rush that comes with performing live on stage and we haven’t forgotten every single moment you sang with us, headbanged with us. You guys are the reason we are together again! Since CALL was away, you kept on telling us to come back. We have bowed down to your pressure and we are glad we did”


Sultan further added: “It’s been a while, it feels even longer but we are back. I am super excited to be back with the boys. The adrenaline of performing live has already started pumping. Watch out for some really interesting music coming your way.”

As Call took to stage, the enthralled, over excited crowd took to the floor. From the very first drum roll till the very last strum of the guitar, the crowd remained fully charged and pumped.

Call performed all its old rocking tunes: Jilawatan, Shayad, Ho Jaane De, Sab Bhula K,  Hum Se Hai Yeh Zamana, Laaree Chotti and Pukaar. Adding to the list of its own tunes, Call performed an upbeat rock version of ‘We Will Rock You’ and paid tribute to Michael Jackson with a head banging version of ‘They Don’t Really Care About Us’.

The wonders of last night’s performance do not end here, the live performance of their song ‘Dhoom’ from Call’s second album caught everyone’s attention, the super charged crowd responded by signing along loud.

Call made a comeback in an event arranged and organized by PMR (PakMediaRevolution – www.pakmediarevolution.net)



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