Qubool “A Treat To Ears” By Bilal Saeed ft. Saba Qamar

“Qubool” what comes in your mind when you read it? Certainly, Nikkah. Nikkah is a prestigious to the Muslim community, Allah The Almighty has quoted in Quran Qareem that;

“We have created you in pairs”

It certainly shows how significant and important it is. The Nikkah makes two people one soul and surely Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed have portrayed how the couple should live.

Qubool By Bilal Saeed ft. Saba Qamar:

Video Credits: One Two Records

Saba Doubts On Bilal:

The video starts with Saba and Bilal in a car, while Bilal is driving it. However, he gets a call and did not answer it on which Saba doubts her. Later on, Saba caught him in a washroom and gets upset.

Bilal Tries To Ease Her:

In the song Qubool, while singing the chores Bilal tries to ease her with a sweet gesture. After a few minutes, she smiles at her husband. This shows the power of Nikkah, how hard you try to get away you cannot because the bond is magical.

Bilal Surprises Saba:

After when she saw her husband does not care for her and leaves her on her own. Bilal surprises her with a cake and the keys of their home. The happiness can be seen at her face.

Bilal’s Mesmerizing Vocals:

Bilal never fails to amaze us, even though in the Qubool he proved what a legend he is. His vocals are breathtaking and feel like a treat to the ears. Without a doubt, a person keeps on listening to his songs and does not get tired.

Saba Qamar’s Superb Expressions:

There are no second thoughts on Saba Qamar’s skills, as in Qubool she showed she is a marvelous actor in this industry. With her expressions, she explained everything and left the audience in shock.

Why Was Their A Controversy For This Song:

A couple of days ago before launch, a BTS was out where Bilal and Saba were seen performing folk dance inside the mosque. The audience came out in anger and started bashing both of the artists. However, in the video clip of Qubool none of the scenes were seen.

Bilal and Saba Apologized For The Act:

When the artists saw that audience did not like their act. Both of them apologized for the act. However, Bilal said that “He was not intended to hurt anyone’s feelings”


Saba Qamar’s Instagram’s Post

Bilal’s Apology on Instagram

Other Details:

  • The song was written, composed, produced, and performed by Bilal Saeed
  • Qubool marks Saba Qamar’s directorial debut
  • Starring: Saba Qamar & Bilal Saeed
  • Directed by Saba Qamar
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