PSX Pakistan Stock Exchange functions normally in challenging circumstances

PSX witnesses bullish trend as index gains 134 points

The 100-index of the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) witnessed bullish trend on Monday, gaining 134.08 points, a positive change of 0.29 percent, closing at 46,054.81 points against 45,920.73 points the previous trading day.

A total of 299,076,070 shares were traded during the day as compared to 504,550,463 shares the previous day, whereas the price of shares stood at Rs 8.139 billion against Rs 12.012 billion on the last trading day.

As many as 337 companies transacted their shares in the stock market; 147 of them recorded gains and 175 sustained losses, whereas the share price of 15 companies remained unchanged.

The three top-trading companies were WorkdCall Telecom with 35,880,607 shares at Rs 1.41 per share; K-Electric Ltd with 32,402,516 shares at Rs.2.15 per share and Unity Foods Ltd with 31,484,303 shares at Rs.27.40 per share.

Nestle Pakistan witnessed a maximum increase of Rs100.00 per share price, closing at Rs 6,800.00, whereas the runner-up was Bhanero Tex with an Rs 69.00 rise in its per share price to Rs 989.00.

Al-Abbas Sugar witnessed a maximum decrease of Rs 29.40 per share closing at Rs 480.600, followed by Siemens Pak with Rs 18.19 decline to close at Rs 701.50.

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