Pakistan’s gaming industry making $50 million per annum

Imran Azhar, Founder and CEO of AzCorp Entertainment, expressed his optimism about the flourishing state of Pakistan’s online gaming industry. In an interview with a private news channel, Azhar disclosed that the sector is currently generating an impressive annual revenue of $50 million, with the potential to become a major contributor to the country’s technological advancement.

Azhar emphasized that Pakistan’s online gaming industry is on a trajectory to drive 80 to 90 percent of the market by 2024, marking it as one of the fastest-growing sectors globally. The industry’s exceptional rise in recent years has propelled Pakistan into the top five global markets for mobile gaming.

Highlighting the industry’s growth rate, Azhar mentioned that online gaming is experiencing a remarkable 30 to 50 percent expansion, positioning it as the next emerging sector. He urged increased investment in the development of game development and animation skills among the youth to ensure Pakistan’s competitive edge in the global gaming arena.

AzCorp Entertainment’s CEO stressed the importance of training designers and professionals to create high-quality products that can compete at the international level. He sees this as a crucial step in solidifying Pakistan’s position in the rapidly evolving gaming industry.

Acknowledging Pakistan’s strides in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Azhar commended the government’s efforts in promoting technological advances. He anticipates that the country’s digital technology export industry will continue to grow rapidly, with a focus on exporting software development, call center services, and other IT-related services worldwide.

In response to a question, Azhar described Pakistan’s gaming industry as a success story that resonates across the nation and beyond. He underlined the industry’s rapid growth, citing gaming exports as a significant contributor to this success. AzCorp Entertainment’s CEO remains hopeful that the government’s commitment to technological progress will equip the youth with the skills needed to establish a thriving local gaming and animation industry. The continued success of Pakistan’s gaming sector appears poised to influence millions, contributing substantially to the country’s economic and technological growth.

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