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Pak-US relations: Pakistan and the U.S. Prioritize Investment and Trade Cooperation

Ambassador Masood Khan has affirmed the deepening of Pakistan-US relations, highlighting the emphasis on both security and non-security domains. The recently launched Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) takes center stage in fostering investment and trade collaboration, signaling a new era in the diplomatic landscape.

Addressing a diverse audience at the prestigious University Club in Washington D.C., Ambassador Masood Khan stressed the importance of partnership. “We must be partners, engaging in dialogue to resolve issues hindering peace and security. Moreover, fostering people-to-people contacts and enhancing economic cooperation is crucial,” he asserted.

Invited by the club’s International Committee, the ambassador addressed a gathering comprising think-tank members, businessmen, entrepreneurs, opinion makers, and the media. Underscoring the significance of Pak-US relations, Khan pointed out the presence of 80 US companies in Pakistan, leveraging their decades-long experience and existing investment infrastructure.

In the realm of education and technology, the ambassador hailed the recently renewed Pakistan-U.S. Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement as transformative. He urged the full utilization of its potential for higher education, research and development, and technological collaboration.

Identifying key sectors such as agriculture, energy, IT, and mineral extraction, Khan showcased the vast investment potential in Pakistan through SIFC. He highlighted the need for collaboration in renewables, healthcare, education, and the transformative IT sector, especially in Artificial Intelligence.

Addressing Pakistan-India relations, Khan emphasized the importance of dialogue to address longstanding issues, including the resolution of Jammu and Kashmir, in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions. As both countries approach elections, he expressed hope for diplomatic exploration by new leadership.

Emphasizing the need for strategic balance in the region, Ambassador Khan highlighted the importance of responsible nuclear stewardship for the security of all states. He reassured that Pakistan’s strong ties with China did not come at the expense of its relationship with the United States.

Closing the session, Ambassador Masood Khan thanked Andrew Goodwin and the International Committee of the University Club for the invitation, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to share his insights. The renewed Pakistan-U.S. Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement stands as a testament to the commitment to advancing education and technology collaboration between the two nations.

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