Noor Jehan

Legendary Singer Noor Jehan remembered on her 97th birth anniversary

The 97th commemoration of the revered Melody Queen, Noor Jehan, was observed nationwide on Thursday. Born as Allah Wasai in Kasur, Noor Jehan was an exceptional talent in the domains of music and cinema, and she garnered prestigious titles such as the ‘Melody Queen’ and the ‘Queen of Hearts.’

Her captivating voice and distinctive style swiftly propelled her to stardom, firmly establishing her as one of South Asia’s most revered vocalists. Beyond her musical prowess, Noor Jehan played a pivotal role during the 1965 war by boosting the morale of the armed forces with her inspirational songs, evoking feelings of patriotism and national unity. Hits like “Aye Watan ke Sajelay Jawano” and “Rang Laye Ga Shaheedon ka Lahoo” deeply resonated with the people of Pakistan.

Throughout her illustrious career, she demonstrated her versatility by excelling in various musical genres, including ghazal, folk, patriotic, and playback singing. Her voice became synonymous with success in the film industry, as she recorded over 20,000 songs in different languages, a record that remains unmatched in the history of Pakistani cinema.

Noor Jehan’s cinematic contributions, encompassing films like ‘Zeenat,’ ‘Dupatta,’ ‘Anarkali,’ and ‘Intezar,’ shattered popularity records and made significant contributions to Pakistan’s film industry. Her remarkable achievements were duly acknowledged with accolades, including the presidential Pride of Performance Award, 15 Nigar awards, Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, and the honor of being recognized as PTV’s Voice of the Century.

The Melody Queen passed away on December 23, 2000, following a heart attack in Karachi, leaving behind a legacy that continues to resonate in the hearts of music aficionados and patriotic individuals alike.

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