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Myths of Diabetes

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes – A word or a disease that enjoys immense popularity. There is hardly anyone in the developed or developing world that is not familiar of this deadly disease. As per statistics, diabetes is a disease that is on the rise and if not controlled will grow by geometric progression. Is diabetes just caused by food that is high in sugar content or by inheritance? In order to understand the causes we need to understand what it is.

When we eat our pancreas releases a hormone called insulin which helps transport the glucose converted by the eaten food to our cells for their daily activity. Insulin is the key through which the glucose is allowed to enter the cells. When the pancreas isn’t able to produce sufficient insulin as required by the body or in drastic cases not able to produce it all, we are left with high levels of glucose in our blood. Individuals with high levels of glucose in their blood are said to be suffering from diabetes.


What Causes Diabetes?

Now what actually causes Diabetes? Most of us may answer that a high sugar consumption on a daily basis. This is actually a myth. As per my discussion with Dr Salman Zaman Khan, a leading diabetologist in Karachi, there are many factors. One leading factor is obesity. People with parents or forefathers who suffered from diabetes are also at a high risk. For more detail, kindly go through my detailed conversation with Dr Salman for a clear understanding on the causes of Diabetes.


Diabetes is known as a silent killer. Why? This is because many of us misinterpret the symptoms of Diabetes. When we suffer from the symptoms such as tiredness, fatigue or other major symptoms of Diabetes we may ignore it or mistake for something else and relay on self-medication by taking multi vitamins or by indulging in food in high sugar content  rather than going to the General Physician or having a blood test carried out.  Most individuals are unaware of the fact that they are already diabetic. We need to undergo blood test every six months to diagnose diabetes and to be able to care for ourselves properly.


Types of Diabetes

There are many types of Diabetes as explained by Dr Salman Zaman Khan in the video below:


If we are able to follow the videos and take proper precaution, we can hopefully gain control of this diabetes. We should try to properly follow the advices provided by Dr Salman Zaman Khan and spread the word to others as well.

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