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Motorcycle and Three-Wheeler Sales Decline by 18.56% during July-August 2023

Motorcycle and three-wheeler sales in the country have experienced an 18.56 percent decline during the initial two months of the current fiscal year (2023-24) when compared to the corresponding months of the previous year.

According to data from the Pakistan Automobile Manufacturing Association (PAMA), a total of 161,906 motorcycles and three-wheelers were sold during July and August (2023-24), as opposed to 198,824 units sold during the same period in the previous fiscal year (2022-23).

Breakup of Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha & United Motorcycle Sales during July – August 2023

During this review period, Honda motorcycle sales decreased by 16.96 percent, going from 165,090 units to 137,083 units. Suzuki motorcycle sales, on the other hand, experienced a substantial decline of 61.54 percent, dropping from 6,967 units to 2,679 units.

Likewise, Yamaha motorcycle sales also witnessed a decline, from 2,501 units to 1,625 units, marking a 35.02 percent decrease. Road Prince motorcycle sales sharply declined by 55.80 percent, going from 6,105 units to 2,698 units.

United Auto motorcycle sales saw a modest decrease of 2.83 percent, with sales going from 15,264 units to 14,832 units.

Meanwhile, the sale of United Auto three-wheelers plummeted from 460 units to 85 units. However, the sale of Qingqi three-wheelers experienced a slight increase of 3.36 percent, rising from 891 units to 921 units.

The sale of Sazgar three-wheelers, on the other hand, exhibited significant growth, with an 85.18 percent increase from 999 units to 1,850 units, according to the provided data.

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