Mera Dil Mera Dushman Is An Engaging new Drama That You Need To Start Watching ASAP

Mera Dil Mera Dushman with its engaging storyline and brilliant actors is a thrilling new drama that you need to start watching. It is an Ary Digital show starring Yasir Nawaz, Alizey Shah, Noman Sami and Laiba Khan in the lead. 

The Story So Far

The story revolves around a young girl who is at odds with her family. She is forced to marry into a rich family because of the materialistic gains of her family. The man she marries is much older and has adult children of his own. She tries to adjust to that but is mostly rebuked by the children who think of her as a gold digger. Now you must be thinking about what worse can happen? So let me tell you this. Soon after she gets married she realizes that her step daughter’s love interest is actually the man she loved and wanted to marry. Oh Oh!!


This new show is full of heartfelt emotions and twists and turns. The story has not progressed enough yet and we don’t know what will happen next. Will Mairah find love in her husband, age difference be damned, or will she somehow be able to get back with her first love? 

The Story Hits Close To Home

The story does depict a very crucial dilemma that all young lovers face today. Since they are almost age fellows and the guys are not yet financially stable, the girls’ families don’t accept them because kuch kammata nae hai. She is often married off to a much stable and older man so that she could live an easier life but will her life be actually easier? why don’t we put a little more faith in the young men? And is money everything that a good guy should have? 

Mera Dil Mera Dushman OST By Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Video Credits: ARY Digital

We’ll wait for all these answers to be dealt with in the new show. Let us see if the makers can make this story engaging enough. Have you seen the show? Do you like it?


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