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Mein Episode 7: Umair rejects Mubashira

Despite seven episodes of the ARY Digital drama serial “Mein,” the anticipated union of Zaid and Mubashira has not yet materialized, despite the storyline hinting at it. Notably, the performances, especially that of Ayeza Khan, stand out, making her a central figure in this series. In the preceding episode, Mubashira expressed her desire to remarry. However, in this latest episode, she experiences yet another setback when her long-time friend Umair rejects the idea of marrying her.

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Mein Episode 7

Mein Episode 8 Teaser

In this episode

Mubashira’s sense of self-importance is quite evident, and her father seems to contribute to inflating her ego constantly. She invites her longtime friend Umair over for Hi-tea with a particular agenda in mind – to introduce him to her father and discuss the possibility of them getting married. To her surprise, Umair not only declines the offer but also bluntly states that a relationship is not viable for her. This statement leaves Mubashira infuriated, leading her to ask Umair to leave her place.

On the flip side, Zaid initiates a conversation with his father regarding Aira, hoping to discuss the possibility of their union. However, his father straightforwardly informs him that such a proposal is not feasible, citing concerns about the social standing and class of Aira’s family. Zaid is left deeply disheartened by this response.

Aira’s actions are puzzling; she has never mentioned Zaid before, but suddenly, without his confirmation, she reveals extensive details about him to her brother. This revelation shocks her brother, especially considering their differing social statuses.

Meanwhile, Jaffar Sahib expresses genuine concern for Mubashira, who has been deeply affected by the rejection and is urging her father to send her back to the USA. Jaffar confides in his business partner and friend, Asif, seeking his acceptance of Mubashira as a potential daughter-in-law, just as he has accepted Kashmala. However, this situation prompts Kashmala to reconsider the ‘watta satta’ arrangement.

Asif and Jaffar work together to arrange a match between Mubashira and Zaid, a decision that completely shatters Zaid’s world. He vehemently rejects this proposal, insisting that he loves Aira and wishes to marry her. Asif attempts to manipulate the situation, claiming he’s open to Zaid’s choice while simultaneously reaching out to Aira’s brother and disparaging their family’s social status. This tactic creates a rift, as Aira’s brother refuses to marry his sister into a proud and arrogant family.

It appears that Zaid may find himself entangled with the self-assured and haughty Mubashira, leaving questions about how their relationship will unfold, and it’s a development that has piqued the audience’s curiosity.

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