Mein Episode 6 Review: Mubashira wants to remarry

The ARY Digital drama series “Mein” has aired six episodes, yet the narrative remains fixated on Mubashira’s divorce and her pursuit of vengeance. The audience eagerly anticipates when Zaid and Mubashara will find common ground. The only significant progression so far is Mubashira’s bold declaration of her intention to remarry, which came as a response to Mohib’s challenge. In this latest episode, Aira requests that Zaid formally propose to her family.

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Mein Episode 6

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In this Episode

Mubashira is deeply engaged in publicly criticizing Mohib and his spouse on social media, using bloggers as her accomplices. It’s unsettling to witness bloggers and social media influencers involved in such petty activities solely for financial gain, as it undermines the credibility of the blogging profession. Regardless, Mohib responds by sharing a video in which he directly addresses Mubashira and challenges her, asserting that she lacks the ability to maintain a successful marriage.

In a moment of intense anger and determination, Mubashira embraces the challenge, openly expressing her wish to enter into matrimony. Her motivation for marriage is not driven by a desire to embark on a new life, but rather as a response to Mohib’s challenge, with the aim of proving her capability to maintain a successful marriage. Mubashira has been getting to know a gentleman named Umair, and it appears that she is developing an interest in him, with both individuals seemingly sharing a similar social background.

We are left pondering about what attracts Kashmala to Rayyan. She confides her admiration for Rayyan to his father, who commends her for selecting someone within their social circle. He discusses this potential union with Jaffar, who is amenable to the idea. While Jaffar attempts to persuade his son, Mubashira stirs up a commotion. She insists that her own wedding should take precedence, and to playfully tease her, Rayyan consents to marrying Kashmala. In the midst of this, Jaffar suggests to Mubashira the possibility of marrying Umair, which she finds appealing.

Aira’s mood swings come across as far from endearing or amusing; instead, they appear rather vexing. One may wonder why she incessantly bothers her sister-in-law when she could simply disclose her relationship with Zaid to her family. Eventually, her frustration reaches a breaking point, leading to tears when her sister-in-law vents her exasperation. She implores Zaid to initiate the proposal process promptly. However, Zaid isn’t prepared for that step yet. He does, however, confide in his father about Aira and expresses his desire to marry her.

As anticipated, Zaid’s father declines to take the proposal to a family that doesn’t align with their social status. This leaves poor Zaid facing a challenging path to marry Aira. The situation seems to be leading towards an eventual union with Mubashira. However, the prospect of another “Watta Satta” story is not something we desire. The narrative’s development is certainly intriguing!


Ayeza Khan

Wahaj Ali

Azeekah Daniel

Usman Peerzada

Shehzad Nawaz

Aijaz Aslam

Agha Mustafa

Nameer Khan

Sabeena Syed

Alizay Rasool

Rohi Ghazali

Shiza Khan

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