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Meherposh Finale Preview: Will Shahjahan get a Chance at Redemption?

Well, here we are. The last episode of Meherposh is airing soon. A big hit by the maestros Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi. Things are up in the air as far Mehru and Shahjahan are concerned. Will she, wont she? I guess for now we can just speculate and hope one of our theory’s lands.

Meherposh Last Episode Teaser

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There is ample reason for Mehru not to take a kind look on Shahjahan. A lot has happened. Things have been far from ideal. There has been a lot of pain, lot of anguish. It would be mighty difficult to ignore the ill feelings that have festered for long. There have been misapprehensions and misconceptions. Both within reason and ill-founded.

On the other hand, would it be wise to set aside the past and try and make a fresh start? Many relationships do start with sacrifice based on honesty and dedication. It would be hard to just banish the past to one side and make a decision for looking forward. But is that not how we are supposed to live life? Mistakes, intentional or unintentional happen. What is the cost of forgiveness?

All these questions would be circling in the mind of Mehru. She might lament the past, but at this moment she has to accept and move forward one way of the other. She cannot cling on to it and put brakes on her life. As for Shahjahan, he has a few wrongs to right. One can either sit back or just sob over things. Or take charge and try and improve things. But that opportunity will only arise if Mehru is open to it.

We would say we have butterflies in our stomach but this is a more somber and intense situation. There are enough reasons for Mehru to go either way. Will it be heart break for Shahjahan or will he have a chance at redemption? 

Meherposh Second Last Episode

Video Credits: GEOTV

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