Diamond Jewelry and Watch Worth Millions Stolen from Meera Jee’s House

In a disheartening turn of events, Meera Jee, the renowned Lollywood actress, recently fell victim to a house theft where she lost precious diamond jewelry and a wristwatch, collectively valued at millions.

The incident came to light during the early hours of Thursday when Meera Jee returned home around 12:30 am after a late-night shopping spree. Shockingly, she discovered the theft upon reaching her residence.

Upon realizing the gravity of the situation, Meera Jee promptly reported the incident to the local police. Her suspicion fell on one of her domestic helpers, prompting her to file a complaint against the alleged thief.

The complaint, lodged at the Defence (A) Police Station in Lahore, outlined the details of the stolen items. Meera Jee revealed that two sets of diamond jewelry and a wristwatch were missing from her personal trunk. Concerningly, she noticed the absence of one of her domestic helpers, Qasim, who was neither present at her residence nor reachable via phone.

Expressing her suspicions, Meera Jee stated, “I strongly suspect that my belongings have been stolen by my house help, Qasim.” The total worth of the stolen items was disclosed to be a staggering Rs10 million.

As the investigation unfolds, the police have initiated raids to apprehend the suspect, Qasim. Meera Jee, whose real name is Irtiza Rabab, remains hopeful that justice will be served in recovering her precious belongings. The incident serves as a reminder of the vulnerability individuals face, even within the confines of their homes, and emphasizes the importance of vigilance and security measures to safeguard valuables.

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