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Meera beats GEO tv producer on sets of Nadia Khan Show


The drama queen is back yes you may call her drama queen or the number 1 actress in Pakistan, this is Meera Jee back again in the news and this time she messes up with the producer of GEO TV on the sets of Nadia Khan Show where she was invited as a guest. As per reports and the footage she is seen running towards and than attacking the producer of NKS.

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The much anticipated Nadia Khan Show recently went on air and as they invited one of the most controversial personality of Pakistan, if not the show Meera jee yet again went viral in the news.

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Also as per reports the manager of Meera has also quit working with her amidst a series of regular controversies.

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Here is the footage of how Meera Jee attacked the producer of NKS :-

Here is another video where team GEO is making Meera Jee comfortable :-


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