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Mayi Ri Episode 50: A Plot Twist Leave Fans Disheartened

In a recent development, devoted viewers of the TV series “Mayi Ri” have voiced their dissatisfaction over the demise of yet another beloved character, Sajjad. A significant portion of the audience believes that the show’s creators are subjecting them to emotional turmoil by consecutively removing all the virtuous characters.

To witness the poignant death scene of Sajjad in Episode 50 of the drama series “Mayi Ri,” watch the complete episode here:-

Mayi Ri Episode 50

Video Credits: ARY Digital

Mayi Ri Episode 51 Teaser

Video Credits: ARY Digital

In this Episode

Unhappy viewers of “Mayi Ri” are expressing their discontent with recent developments in the show, characterizing it as increasingly bleak, monotonous, and sorrowful. Many dedicated fans of the series have observed that the drama is steadily losing its kind-hearted and sensible characters, which has led to a decline in the overall appeal. On social media platforms, criticism is mounting against the show’s creators, with accusations of introducing unnecessary plot twists solely for the sake of boosting ratings.

One social media user even speculated, “It appears that the producers may be facing budget constraints, leading to the demise of beloved characters.” Fans have particularly expressed their disapproval of the characters Habib and Raheela, with strong feelings of dislike towards them. A significant portion of the “Mayi Ri” fanbase has been fervently hoping for the exit of the character Habib due to his perceived selfishness and negative impact on the storyline.

Cast of Mayi Ri

Aina Asif

Samar Abbas

Maria Wasti

Naumaan Ijaz

Maya Khan

Sajida Syed

Paras Masroor

Usman Mazhar

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