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Mannat Murad Last Episode: Fans’s loved the happy end

The concluding episode of the Har Pal Geo drama series “Mannat Murad” unfolded today, drawing enthusiastic responses from its fan base. Murad’s commendable defense of his wife resonated with viewers, who eagerly awaited this pivotal moment in the last episode. The decision to unite Mannat’s elder brother with Murad’s sister, Fazilat, was well-received, adding a touch of happiness as all the couples celebrated together. However, the incomplete ending for Murad’s youngest sister, Niggi, left many fans feeling disheartened.

Mannat Murad Last Episode

Video Credits: GEOTV

Critics expressed disappointment with Niggi’s fate, drawing comparisons to a viral meme and stating that she deserved better. Some fans, though, appreciated Mannat’s strategic move in pairing Fazeelat Appa with her eldest brother, neutralizing potential objections from Murad’s mother. Murad’s heartfelt expression of love for Mannat pleased viewers, but a minority voiced discontent with the drama’s conclusion, arguing that an educated and independent character like Mannat wouldn’t realistically choose to salvage her marriage with someone like Murad.

Throughout “Mannat Murad,” the storyline took a compelling turn, shedding light on the toxic dynamics within Murad’s marital relationship with Mannat. The drama intricately explored Mannat’s plight, portraying a young woman from a progressive family entangled in the complexities of a marriage dominated by Murad and his controlling mother. Despite varied opinions on the finale, fans universally praised the exceptional performances delivered by the entire cast, solidifying “Mannat Murad” as a noteworthy addition to the drama landscape.

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