Mannat Murad Episode 3 Review: A Rollercoaster of Comedy and Drama Continues

The recently launched Geo Entertainment drama serial, “Mannat Murad,” has been grabbing viewers’ attention with its unique storyline and intriguing characters. This week, the show aired a double episode, and audiences got to witness the onscreen chemistry of Talha Chahour and Iqra Aziz for the first time. While the series started as a comedy, it has shown glimpses of drama and romance. Episode 3 continued to keep viewers entertained but ventured into some over-the-top scenarios.

Mannat Murad Episode 3

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Mannat Murad Episode 4 Teaser

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Murad’s Puzzling Decision:

In the previous episode, we saw Murad being captivated by Mannat’s presence for the first time. However, it remains a mystery why Murad agrees to marry an older woman, apparently just to ensure his sister’s wedding or due to his eagerness to get married. His mother strongly disapproves of this proposal, even going as far as insulting the guests. To learn more about Mannat, Murad asks his friend and colleague to find information about her, including her name and workplace.

Mannat’s Triumph at Work:

Meanwhile, Mannat has secured a permanent job, a significant achievement she’s excited about. However, her elder brother is initially against her working, but her tears manage to sway him. Mannat is the only sister among four brothers, and her family is concerned about her marriage prospects, especially her second brother and his wife.

Unexpected Coincidence:

As fate would have it, Murad’s possessive mother begins to notice changes in his behavior. Her daughters suggest arranging his marriage, and coincidentally, they consider none other than Mannat’s family for this proposal. However, when Mannat appears wearing a massive veil and accidentally spills juice on her dress, the situation takes an exaggerated turn. Murad’s mother’s reaction is over-the-top, making the series feel less serious and more like a sitcom.

Murad’s Bold Move:

In a surprising turn of events, Murad reveals a different side of his character. He boldly enters Mannat’s private chamber, attempting to convince her not to reject his proposal. He even confesses his love for her. An attempt to prevent Mannat from leaving ends up with the door getting locked. This unexpected encounter adds to the chaos in the house, leading to Murad’s mother accusing Mannat’s family of kidnapping her son.

Episode 3 of “Mannat Murad” continues to provide a mix of comedy and drama, keeping the audience entertained. While the show explores some unrealistic scenarios and exaggerated reactions, it still manages to maintain its unique charm. The budding connection between Murad and Mannat adds an intriguing layer to the story, leaving viewers eager to see how their relationship develops in the episodes to come.

Did you catch the 3rd episode of Mannat Murad? We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback in the comments section!

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