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Kyun Hai Inkaar by Nabeel Shaukat Ali is a musical treat


Here’s unveiling a mesmerizing romantic song titled Kyun Hai Inkaar by Nabeel Shaukat Ali with his own melody and deep lyrics. Thus making this single outstanding and a treat for ears.

The song not only depicts about love relationship between boy and a girl but for every relationship. As human beings we need to listen to each other to understand more and increase love and passion for each other.

More we talk, More we listen, More we become closer.

Watch this soulful track Kyun Hai Inkaar by Nabeel Shaukat Ali here:-

Singer / Compser: Nabeel Shaukat Ali
Female Actress: Komal Aziz Khan
Music Director: Kamran Akhtar
Lyrics: Rahim Bangash
Mix & Master: Bhaskar Sarma (Euphony Studios)

Video Direction: Adnan Kandhar
Production Manager: Osama Baig
Director of Photography: Moeez Khan
Art Director: Arslan Ch Battar
Styling: Shafaq Raja
Edit & Post: Moeez Khan (Kandhar Films)
Makeup: Umer Aziz

Kandhar Films and NSA Productions.

Nabeel Shaukat Ali (born August 29, in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan) is a very talented Pakistani solo singer with a very soothing voice texture, composer and a song writer. He can sing in many genres and is undoubtedly a very talented versatile singer. At the early age of 8 he won the best child singer award held in Dubai singing great Mohd. Rafi song ‘Rang aur noor ki baraat’. He is trained musician and vocalist and is student of Great legend Ghulam Ali (Ghazal King). He has performed before large audiences and TV channels. 



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