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Khalid Malik Visits the Nescafé Basement Jam Room

[Pakistan, Thursday 7th January 2016]: The talent that has been selected by Nescafé Basement’s upcoming fourth season has been jamming vigorously for the past month to prepare for the recording phase. The jam sessions have created a lot of buzz in the music industry which has resulted in several visitors – journalists, editors, bloggers, music critics, radio jockeys – dropping by to get a first-hand feel of what to expect from this season. The participant’s raw energy and sheer dedication has left everyone visiting awestruck and made this season the most anticipated one so far. After popular radio hosts Sophiya Anjam, Sumayrah Khan and Wes Malik’s visit, the most recent guest of the jam room was Khalid Malik.

Khalid Malik at Jam Room

Khalid enjoying himself at the Jam Room

Haiya Bokhari at Jam Room

Being one of the most popular entertainers of Pakistan, there can be no dull moment with Khalid around – which is precisely what happened when he dropped by the Nescafé Basement jam room. A hot favorite amongst the talent, Khalid not only encouraged the upcoming talent with his kind words but also happily clicked pictures with them. He was bowled over by the young kids on the show and couldn’t hide his admiration for each performer.

Speaking about his experience at the Nescafé Basement jam room, Khalid stated “It’s a great platform and Nescafé Basement is definitely the best Pakistan has to offer in terms of talent”.

Khalid at Jam Room with Xulfi & talent

Selfie time - Khalid at Jam Room with Xulfi & talent

The jams are currently in their final phase and the track list has already been decided. The talent is expected to start recording their songs from mid-January. Maxus Pakistan (a GroupM Company) has been behind the creation of Nescafé Basement for Nestle Pakistan. Maxus brought the idea to life and has been doing it successfully over the past 4 years; by not only developing all its content but also handling its distribution.

About NESCAFÉ Basement

NCB4 Logo

Nescafé Basement is a Pakistani music television series which features live studio-recorded music performances by underground artists. The show is produced by NESCAFÉ. The Artists are recruited and mentored by Xulfi, who is also the music producer of the show.

About Maxus Pakistan

Maxus Pakistan (a GroupM Company) has been behind the creation of Nescafé Basement for Nestle Pakistan. Maxus brought the idea to life by giving a platform for talented young musicians to be discovered and promoted across multiple mediums. The lack of resources and support has challenged the mere existence of the upcoming talent of Pakistan, which has been in dire need of an initiative like Nescafé Basement, to nurture and promote the future of Pakistani Music. Maxus has successfully done so over the past 4 years and has fulfilled many a dreams. MaxusESP develops the content that includes design and production, whereas Maxus` traditional and digital media handles the distribution of the content, whereby giving our huge fan base the access to this magical experience.


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