Kasak Episode 1 Review – The Story Of Regression & Love

The wait is finally over, the power couple Junaid Khan and Iqra Aziz hits the screen for the first time. The drama serial Kasak is finally out. The Kasak is a love story but the couple will not be lovey-dovey. Faryal (Iqra Aziz) will get married to Daniyal (Junaid Khan) who possesses the opposite personality which she had ever wanted in his partner. To summarize, both are polar opposite personalities, let’s see how would they end together? However, it is just the beginning, and here is the Kasak episode 1 review.

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Kasak Episode 1 Review:

Video credits: ARY Digital

Faryal As A College Girl:

At the beginning of the episode, Faryal comes out of a college and talks about her exams with the fellow. However, she later went with her friends and saw a guy standing outside of a girls’ college on which she confronts him. It seems like she is a strong girl and possesses a strong character.

Faryal Thoughts On Love And Marriage:

Faryal does not believe that money can buy happiness. She wants to marry a person she loves whether he is not rich. She thinks that the loving couple can make a happy home.

Daniyal’s Wife:

Yes, you read it right that Daniyal had a wife who left him because she thought that Daniyal is a selfish man. Kasak episode 1 reveals the truth about him.

Daniyal’s Proposal For Faryal:

Faryal thought that her maternal aunt has come over with her son for her proposal. But the scenario was completely different. Daniyal along with his father was there for the marriage. However, Daniyal does not seem happy with the proposal.

Faryal’s Aggression:

Iqra Aziz as Faryal in Kasak

Faryal always wanted to marry Junaid, her cousin. Therefore, she locks herself in the room and confronts the whole family. Will she be able to end this marriage?

Arsalan Scolds Faryal:

Arsalan, the elder brother of Faryal scolds her for being childish and says that Junaid’s mother has refused for the marriage proposal. However, after a long Faryal ended the conversation by saying that she would not marry Daniyal.

Faryal And Junaid:

Faryal confirms from Junaid that whether her mother has refused about the marriage or not. Also, she tells him about the proposal. It seems like Kasak episode 1 is on a roller coaster and gives each highlight in the first episode.

Daniyal’s Father’s Guilt:

Daniyal’s father thinks that due to his ignorance and neglection Daniyal has many flaws. Moreover, he thinks that Faryal would be the right person for Daniyal and his son.

Saniya And Shahwaiz:

Saniya the ex-wife of Daniyal married another man, Shahwaiz and she seems very happy with the person. But Saniya has a problem, she gets bored with things or people very soon. However, Shahwaiz has a thought she might get bored of him too.

Wrapping Up of Kasak Episode 1:

The summary of the Kasak episode 1 is that Faryal is a person who knows how to love and how to be loved. On the other hand, Daniyal does not know anything about love and care. Faryal is a girl of a strong mindset and stays on her decision.

Mesmerizing Acting By The Leads:

kasak episode 1

BTS: Junaid and Iqra as Daniyal and Faryal

The two leads of the drama Iqra Aziz and Junaid Khan were the limelight of Kasak episode 1. However, through their immense acting skills, they proved that they surely deserve to be in the limelight.

Kasak Episode 2 Promo:

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Video credits: ARY Digital


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