Kaifi Khalil's Kahani Suno becomes world's 38th popular song on YouTube

Kaifi Khalil’s Kahani Suno becomes world’s 38th popular song on YouTube

‘Kahani Suno 2.0’ by Kaifi Khalil Becomes World’s 38th Popular Song on YouTube, crossing over 100 Million+ views on YouTube within just 8 Months of its release.

The famous song, Kahani Suno 2.0 has crossed the music industry by a storm. Recently, the song reached to the top global music video’s chart on YouTube.

Khalil shared his achievement on his Instagram story with a snapshot of the music video with caption, “Buhat shukariya es kahani ko zubani karne ka liye buhat pyaar or buhat saari duaen ap sab ka liye.”

Kaifi Khalil is a Baloch singer from Lyari, Karachi. He was famous among Baloch youth for his melodious Balochi songs but after his song Kana Yaari which he sang in Coke Studio made him famous not only in Pakistan but he also gained fame internationally.

Journey of a poor boy living in Lyari to become a celebrity by the dint of his hardwork and dedication.

Kahani Suno By Kaifi Khalil

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